Showers are For Serious Thinking

Soooo, this post was supposed to go live hours ago but today was just one of those take an hour long steamy steamy shower kind of days. Know what I'm talking about? Today is my day off and I felt like as such it required indulging myself in a long soak in the shower. Plus, that's where all my serious thinking gets done. I'm sure that after its invention, the shower became the place where all geniuses went to get their serious inventing juices flowing. Plus, I'm pretty sure the invention of the shower went something like this, once upon a time a bazillion years ago some genius inventor dude thought to himself, "hey, it'd be nice if I had a place where I could get all of my serious thinking done while simultaneously getting some other boring task done as well. Hmmm...I know! What if I invented a little enclosed area where I could stand and think while simultaneously getting soaked in deliciously steamy hot water? Perfect idea, that way I can contemplate the Earth's mysteries AND get bathing out of the way. Heavens knows what a pain getting clean is." BAM. Invented. Whoever the dudey was that invented the shower, kudos to him.

My shower today was MmmmMmmm good. Jamming out to some tunes and thinking. Pure bliss. Plus, I am not even kidding you, I took an hour up in that shower. Unfortunately, no mind blowing strokes of genius occurred to me today. The only decision that was come upon while I was in my deep shower reflections was the need for a pair of sweatpants in my closet. I seriously do not own a. single. pair. I tried some on a while back at h&m and I literally fell in love. Unfortunately, I was too penniless to purchase them. Tear. I used to be an avid sweatpants hater. Avid. But, eh, those were the teen years and I have since matured into realizing that loose cotton pants are probably the next best invention in the world. I say next best invention because the shower was the best invention. Duh. Dearest sweatpants, I'm sorry for having hated you throughout my teen years, I was young and naive and too snooty to let your sweet sweet comfort come anywhere near my legs. Back then, I thought I was too good for you. I judged you for making butts all around the world look saggy and weird, but now? Now, I have tasted of the truth. Your sweet sweet softness makes a saggy butt so worth it. Forgive my youthful self. She was too obsessed with having a nice looking butt. I know better now. Perky butts are overrated, and saggy cotton is the way to go.
{h&m: corduroy skirt similar, basic top, chunky necklace similar, over the knee socks, sheer tights, shoes similar; Osh Kosh: denim jacket similar; Abercrombie: beanie from a thousand years ago similar}

I think I'm going to need these, these, and these to find their way into my closet this Christmas. And once again I find that all I want for Christmas is Pajamas. For the past three or four Christmas' now, all I've sincerely wanted are a good few pairs of pajamas. I don't know what it is, but when I question my little heart about what it would like for Christmas all that ever comes to mind is pajamas. I have simple desires. Anyway, a quick announcement and then a word on this little outfit. The winner of the Fall Essentials Giveaway is...SUE from Chevron and Lace! Yippee! Congrats to Sue! Be on the look out for an email from me in the next couple of days! Next item of business, I apologize for the darkness of the photos, it was late at night and this was the best lighting my sister and I could find. Second, I loved this outfit. I felt like this is what a teenager in the 90s would have worn to a concert. Plus, all the layers kept me nice and toasty. The only downfall to this little look was that I look like a little kid, and unfortunately looking like a kid playing hookey from school isn't exactly the best look to have when you're in the car selling business. ;)

Much Love!

P.S. If you notice, about 95% of this outfit is from h&m. ;)


  1. i think all of my great ideas come to me while i take a 30 minute long shower. :) pretty sure there's nothing as relaxing as a long shower!

  2. The first mechanical shower, operated via a hand pump, was patented in England in 1767 by William Feetham

    1. Thank you William Feetham! What a revolutionary! ;)