Why isn't Approacheth a Word???

Turkey Day approacheth is rapidly approaching friends, and along with it is comin' Black Friday. There are a couple of points of annoyance for me, though, stemming from the rapidity with which the holidays are a comin'. First of which is the fact that since I had my wisdom teeth surgery it is unlikely that I'll be able to do my traditional ten mile run on Thanksgiving morning. Maybe I'll just do it anyway, though, I mean it's been about a week. That should be a good enough recovery period right? Right? I mean, I'm slowing starting to be able to chew again and the swelling in my cheeks is about 80% gone! Yeah, yeah! I digress, though. My second point of annoyance is that there is still no snow on the ground!! Now, I'm no lover of the snow, but it worries me nonetheless that we are now in the final week of November and we haven't had a drop of snow that has stuck. That's freaky guys. THE WORLD IS ENDING!!! ;) Anyway, let's talk Black Friday.
I clearly remember getting up in the early hours of the morning to head on over to a local Target with my mum to go Black Friday Christmas shopping when I was a kid. Back then getting the jump on Black Friday meant waking up at four to be at the stores by 5. None of this midnight madness. Oh, such fond memories of early morning shopping for endless amounts of Barbies with my dear, dear mum! Then of course, we all eventually out grew the joy of unwrapping a Barbie doll for Christmas and the Black Friday shopping traditions came to an end. Oh and I guess there was also the fact that people started dying in attempts to get a good deal on a flat screen. Scary guys. Scary.
 {h&m: graphic tee, blazer; F21: white skirt similar, over the knee faux suede boots similar; AE: turquoise necklace similar}

Anyway, this year my sisters and I are going to have a go at the whole Black Friday shopping thing again. There's a certain Nikon camera at Walmart that my little sister and I have our eyes on. It comes with not one but TWO lenses! EEK! We're going halfsies, of course. There's no way we'd both lay down $500 a pop and still be able to afford gifts for anybody else. Oh, and bonus! It's an 8pm deal! Which means we can just head on over to Walmart on Thursday evening and get it! Ooop ooop!! Oh, and then we're heading over to our local h&m for some major cash burning as well. They're giving gift cards of up to $300 to the first 100 people in line, AND the whole store will be up to 70% off! ACK! I die. Not to mention the major deals that will be going on in the other stores in the mall! I will be broke very, very soon guys. Very, very soon. It's actually kind of disgusting. Wish me luck, though, and let the odds be ever in our favor! Good luck fellow shoppers! I salute you!

Much Love!

P.S. This is the second time in a row that my pictures are uploading SUPER blurry. It's driving me NUTS. I can't figure out what it is. GRRRRR. We'll see if it's just the camera once I get that Nikon on Friday.

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