Alfred the Butler

Hello dawlins. How were your weekends? My weekend was just fantabulous. Well, kind of. I mean, Friday was a hellish tiring shopping nightmare as you all already know, Saturday involved closing out the month at work and mountain upon mountain of paper work uuuuuuuuugh, but Sunday? Sunday was good. I love Sunday's in general to begin with, but this Sunday was just extra lovely to me. First of all, it was December 1st! AH! The Christmas season can officially begin. YAY! I love the Christmas season. Second, because I could blast Christmas tunes all the way to and from church without having to feel like I'm a closet chain smoker. Third, we've started singing Christmas hymns in church and that's just about one of my all time favorite things of the Christmas season! Oh, and finally, I just love the true meaning behind Christmas and all the reflections on my blessings and the birth of our Savior that it brings. I can't even really begin to express how warm and fuzzy it makes me feel inside to think of the great sacrifice Jesus made for us and how grateful I am for his birth! 
I'm extra excited today because today marks the first day that I can get back to my running after my wisdom tooth removal surgery! YAY! Oh, and today my pops is taking me out for an "I can chew again" lunch at our go to Thai restaurant! EEP! So excited! I literally felt starved the week after surgery. I never knew how much I actually liked food and chewing until that week. Guys, let me tell you, I liiiike food. I'm so happy I can semi chew again! I say semi because I can only really chew with my front teeth. I can occasionally chew with my back teeth but it feels weird and achey. Baby steps guys, baby steps. I shudder to think what my face looks like with my weird front teeth only chewing. I probably look like a little rat eating a cube of cheese. Lovely. Oh well, it's not like I've been eating in front of hottie patotties or anything. I've got no one to impress, so I'm just going to continue eating like a rat until my jaw returns to normal. If the general public is disgusted by my chewing methods come lunch time, then they'll just have to deal. Unless of course my hottie patottie soul mate happens to show up at the Thai restaurant, in which case I will be mortified, but come on, what are the chances of that happening? Slim to none I'd say, so me and my rat chewing ways are safe. 
 {h&m: blazer, suspenders similar, sheer tights; Gap: tie front button up top similar; F21: black shorts similar}

I decided to pull out my handy dandy shorts one more time before it snows tomorrow. I just flippin' love these shorts and I wanted to get one last chance to wear them before the state freezes over for the next four months. This tie front button up top and suspenders were a couple of my Black Friday finds. The top I got at Gap for 50% off, and the suspenders are from h&m and weren't technically on sale but they were at a reasonable price and I happen to think that suspenders are an absolute must in a closet! Holy run-on sentence am I right? Anyway, I decided to stave off some of the cold by pairing off the whole look with my sheer tights and handy dandy blazer. I'm pretty much in love with this blazer. I also really love the fact that on the website it's called "dinner jacket". It makes me feel extra fancy when I'm wearing it, like I'm off to some fancy three course dinner with high class society. Except that, honestly, I'd probably look more like a nerdy little butler in this look. Oh well, butlers are cute. I mean, just look at Alfred from the Batman universe. He's pretty much the best character! ;)

Much Love!


  1. You are awesome! I just love your blog posts. Your fashion tips pair well with your fun personality ;-) And I love your pics... I have been inspired to take more risks in my outfits because of you. Thanks, Allexis!

    1. Aw thanks Chloe!! That means so much!! :)


  2. That bow makes you look like a Christmas present o.o