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Mornin' loves. How art all of thou? I hopeth that you're all swell. Pardon my old time'y biblical talk, it just felt like a fun thing to do in the moment. I'm done now, though, the moment hast passed. ;) Anyway, can we talk about how Asian I look in that top photo? Do my eyes look mega slanted and long or what? Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy-o guys, it's only Wednesday and I'm already feeling mega pooped and ready for some good ol' R&R. I've been slavin' away like a house elf this week at work and because of that I've missed all of scheduled runs this week and the only exercise I've been able to squeeze in all week have been cross fit type workouts I designed for myself with the weight equipment I have at home. Lame. Well, not really, because I did manage to make my legs sorer than ground beef, but nothing feels the same or works as well at getting me energized for the day like a good long run. I'm hoping that after today, things wind down a bit and I can get my miles in and start relaxin' a bit.
With this week being so busy and all I decided I didn't really want to focus a whole lot of energy into putting together a super fancy schmancy outfit, or styling my hair for that matter, so I decided to just stick to a cozy comfy black on black look. I know you can't really see them, but these faux suede over the knee boots have become my go to boots for the winter. I actually purchased them two years ago at F21, back when I was two inches taller, and I actually ended up not being a huge fan of them. I think I wore them all of one time and then they were relegated to the very very back of a tiny linen closet. Well, this year on a field trip with my sister to the middle of nowhere to look at a dinosaur bone, my old handy dandy pair of Tilly's boots got completely destroyed. I found myself in need of a new pair of black boots and instead of buying new ones I decided to pull these babies out and give 'em another whirl. Honestly, I can't even remember why I didn't like them in the first place; they are awesome. Who would've thought that shrinking two inches would make me like them better, especially since now that I'm a shortie I probably have no right to wear anything over the knee. Also, you know one of my favorite things about cold weather, well, actually probably my only favorite thing about cold weather? Beanies and berets. Nothing like a good ol' beanie to dress up your hair when you're wearing it au naturale, am I right?
 {Gap: t-shirt similar; h&m: leggings; F21: faux suede over the knee boots similar, horse shoe necklace; American Eagle: beanie}

Oh! Before I wrap this up, guess what?! My gramps is flying in from Guatemala today! Yay! It'll be so great to have him here for Christmas! I'm so excited! 

Much love!

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