The Stuff of Nightmares

My dudes, I'm sick. I've been trying to pretend I wasn't sick since Christmas Eve, but it has now become inevitably apparent. Scratchy throat, congested lungs, runny nose, and sneezy. The works. Delicious. At least I've got a TV to watch as I snuggle in bed now. Silver linings right? Which, speaking of, I read the book "The Silver Linings Playbook" last night, per recommendation of my bff. May I say, it was aaaaaaaaaamazing!!! More on that later, though. You know what happened to me today? I was confronted by, not one, but TWO of my all time worst fears today! I know. I know. Pffft. A pffft. How is that even possible right? Well, it's possible.

First, remember how I mentioned a little while ago that it seemed like all birds in the state of Utah had migrated to within a quarter of a mile of my house? Yeah, well, today they all decided to migrate directly to my house. AHHHHHHHHHH!! This morning, they were all smacking into my window like a bunch of wackos as if to mock me and my terror. Buttheads. Anyway, when I went with my sister to run some errands, they were all perched on my neighbors bush staring at me as I backed out of the drive way. I just know they were all thinking, "We'll be here when you get back, Allexis. We'll be waitingggggggg." Ughhhhhhh, I could cry. Luckily they were gone by the time I got back. Phew. Anyway, now onto the next fear that smacked me in the face today (I should've known the birds were a bad omen). Escalators. Yupp, you read that right, escalators. I'm afraid of escalators. I know it's stupid, but they terrify me. I'm constantly afraid that I'll fall down and get my face torn open by all of those sharp, rugged, ruffle chip shaped edges. OR. OR. My shoe lace will get stuck in one of those creepy little cracks and then I'll get stuck and chopped up to death all Final Destination style. They. Are. Terrifying.  I mean, what if I get one foot on a step but the other foot stays on solid ground, and then my legs start getting pulled away from each other and since I can't do the splits my legs get torn in half??? Again I say, terrifying. For the most part, even though I'm deathly afraid of stupid escalators, I can still manage to get on them and swallow my fears. Every now and then, though, on days like today, I find myself completely unable to get my foot to take that first step onto the escalator. Today, when I faced the escalators at F21, I found myself starting to sweat and completely unable to get my feet onto the stupid escalator. All of my completely irrational fears about escalators started seeming a whole lot more rational. My sister was pretty much halfway down the escalator by the time I managed to hop on and hold on for dear life. Needless to say, I survived. Anyway, all that was missing in my day of nightmares was for Shamu to show up and bight my arm off. Yupp. I'm also afraid of Shamu, more specifically, killer whales in general. Demon spawn.
 {h&m: sweater dress, socks; F21: key necklace, readers similar; GoJane: booties similar}

Anyway, these reader glasses, little booty socks, and over sized sweater dress are a few more of the items I got for Christmas. I luuuuurve them. This sweater dress is seriously so, so cozy. It's like wearing a blanket. Yumm. I also love the idea of pairing something so relaxed and cozy as this sweater with something as girly as these frilly pink socks and heeled booties. :) I'm sensing a go to outfit being born. ;)

Much love!


  1. You got some sweet gifts from Santa this year, that dress is adorable! Feel better and I hope the birds keep migrating south and away from your windows! :)

    <3 Vicki

    1. I sure did, thanks a bunch Vicki! Fingers crossed! :)