Trucker this Trucker hat

And the most procrastinating blogger award goes to....drum roll please...MEEEE! ;) This post was meant to go live this morning, but yet again I somehow ended up not posting it until tonight. Alls wells. Anyway, you know how in the winter time birds are supposedly suppose to migrate south? Pffft, pffft, yeah, whatever science. This winter, they haven't. It seems like this winter, they all decided to migrate to live within a half a mile radius of my house. If you all haven't already read this post, from back when I first started blogging, then you need to know that I am pretty scared of birds. Well, pretty is putting it mildly. Anyway, the fact that all the birds in the state of Utah have seemed to decide to make my neighborhood their home is freaking me out majorly. I can't take my pup out for his morning run in peace anymore without paranoically checking the sky every two seconds to make sure one of the nasty devils isn't swooping down on us. Their creepy clucking and feather flapping just instills a manic terror in me. I swear, I'm starting to get a tick in my neck from how often I'm looking up to make sure my pup and I aren't under some sick kind of bird siege. There was even this one time, when for a whole week, there was this creepy, GINORMOUS black crow that would chase me and my little pup for pretty much our whole run. It would fly above us crowing like a yucky devil on wings or hop along behind us, at a surprisingly fast speed. I don't know if it was a bad omen or what have you, so knock on wood for me guys just to be safe.
Moving on, though. You know how there are always those little kids that hate being stared at? The ones that you can always hear yelling, "MOOOOOOOM, she's staring at me! Make her stop staring at me!" I was that kid, much to the annoyance of my siblings. I couldn't feel like their gazes were on me, or even in my general direction, for longer than 5 seconds without freaking out that they were staring at me. I don't even really know why it bothered me so much but I just couldn't stand being looked at. If I'm being honest, though, I'm still pretty much the same way. Minus the tattling to my mom part. I hate the feeling of being looked at. I don't think gazing into another persons eyes is romantic in the slightest, and for the most part, I get pretty angry at anybody who looks in my vicinity for more than a few seconds. I know, I'm just a little cray cray. As you can imagine, this made high school quite the difficult experience for me, considering that the general mode of letting someone know that they're sweet on you when you're a teenager is staring. For me, though, this mode of showing affection only made me cringe and want to stand up in the middle of class and slug whichever poor fella happened to be staring, not matter how cute he was. Anyway, as much as I LOVE this skirt, it creates the problem of drawing too many stares in my direction for my taste. I hate being stared at! Actually, I just don't like superfluous attention of any sort in general. So, when some rando walked up to me at the grocery store and told me he thought he would see an "angel" today and there I was, I got a little bugged. I know, I know, I'm probably just being an over dramatic diva, but like I said, I'm not a fan of superfluous attention. Just be annoyed at me for whining about too much attention, go ahead, have at it, might as well call me Divallexis too.
{Space 46 Boutique: tulle skirt; Gap: t-shirt; AE: broken hearts trucker hat similar; Wilson's Leather: moto jacket similar; Converse: shoes; Infinity Scarf: handmade by Allison}

I'd been wanting to wear my cute, cute tulle skirt in a more dressed down way for a little while now and I thought the best way to do that would be to pair it with a simple t-shirt, a pair of converse, a cozy scarf, and a trucker hat. I know, I know, trucker hats are so early 2000's but when I saw this hat with little broken hearts at American Eagle, I just thought, "shuck it, I gotta have it". I just love the idea of pairing cute baseball caps or trucker hats with something other than the expected jeans and a t-shirt and pair them with skirts or dresses. And, I know, I know, trucker hats where the fashion staple of that odious Ashton Kutcher, but for this hat, I could look past that. Now, lets talk about the awesome infinity scarf I'm wearing. First I LOVE that it's such a gorgeous mustard yellow. I usually stay away from yellows because my skin tone's undertones are so yellow I might as well be a banana, but lately I've just been thinking shuck it, I love yellow. I even think yellow might be creepin' it's way into being one of my favorite colors! Now, the second thing I love about this scarf is that it's handmade by my sister, Allison. That's right, she actually MADE this chunky loop of warmth and love! I'm not even joking, nor exaggerating, when I say that when I'm wearing this scarf I feel so warm I don't even need a coat! And, when it comes to winter time, anything that gets me out of wearing a coat or a jacket is a miracle! I keep telling my sister she needs to open up an Etsy shop for these babies but the girl won't listen. She DOES, however, make them to order so if any of you lovelies are interested in getting a fairly priced, SUPER warm and SUPER cute scarf shoot me an email! 

Much Love!

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P.S. Look at this outtake from today's shoot. My little pup usually likes to come out with me when my sister's take my pictures so he can gallivant about the cul-de-sac, BUT today he ran a little too far down the street and was on the verge of leaving a tinkle gift on one of the neighbor's trees. Naturally, I couldn't let him do that, so I had to chase him down and carry him back home. I usually carry him much kinder than in this photo, but today he was wet and dirty and I was scared he'd stain my skirt. ;)


  1. Wow you look amazing in this look. Fun and casual!
    I need to get that skirt too!!
    Visiting from the linkup. It would be lovely if you could drop by my blog. I am having an OOTD countdown to Christmas.

    Cheers & see you around,

    1. Thanks Evey!! You should totally get it!