'Ello, 'ello. How art all of you? Mmmmm? Good? Good. Today's one of those days in which I find myself having absolutely nothing to say. Nothing. Well, I guess that's a lie, because I do have things to say I'm just saving them for another day, another post. How's abouts a recap on the weekend eh? My weekend was pretty dang good. This whole week was pretty dang good actually. I'm hoping that's a good omen for the whole year. First, NYE celebrations with my girls were pretty dang fantastic. We ate some cheesy cake and then hit the dance floor like a group of maniacs. Twas the best. No hottie pattotie sightings/encounters, though. Sad. Sad. Oh wells, there's still another 359 days left for that right? ;)
Thursday was me mum's birfday. She turned 47! FORTY. SEVEN. Guys! That is just so mind blowing to me! Mostly because I see her and I feel like I'm looking at a 37 year old not a 47 year old. It's just like my brain can't compute because my eyes aren't looking at someone who looks 47. Life is wild y'all. Life. Is. Wild. Excuse my "y'all" there, I've just been feeling real country folk lately and feeling like y'allin it up left and right. ;) Anyway, on me mum's birfday we also got the pleasure of opening up my little sister's mission call! ...annnnnnd she's been called to serve in the Montreal Canada mission Spanish/French speaking for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I'm so insanely excited and proud! I just know she'll do so
splendidly! I know I'm going to miss her like crazy, though, so I'm trying to keep my mind off of the fact that she'll be gone for 18 months and focus on the people she'll be serving and the lives she'll be changing.
 {h&m: plain white tee; Bohme: super flare jeans similar; GoJane: booties similar; American Eagle: turquoise necklace similar; Knit Scarf: handmade by my sister}

Anyway, after a fun bowling sesh with some pretty awesome homies we all settled in on Saturday for a sibling game night with a couple of our best friends and their sister. It was such a blast! Man, dem Larson's make us wee lil' Gonzalez's laugh like a bunch of crazy pants. It seriously feels like this whole week was spent staying up till at least midnight laughing like certifiably insane people with at least one Larson. Twas the best. Friendship you guys. Friendship.  Whelp. That's all I have for you all. I'm sorry it was so boring. I promise I have something better in the works for guys on Wednesday! It'll be big. Like I might die from how huge the next post is going to be. Ok, maybe that's a lie. I shouldn't build it up that much. Anyway, y'all will see. ;) 

Much love!


  1. Ok I LOVE how you just left that scarf long instead of doing the usual twice-around thing! Totally copying. And it's unfair how amazing these jeans look on you! Seriously.
    Oh, and what a coinci-dink! My mom is 47 too and gets mistaken as my sister/cousin/friend ALL. THE. TIME. Hopefully we get our Moms' amazing genes!


    1. Holy. Canoli. Thanks Jessi!! Haha, what a fun coincidence! Oh my gosh, I totally hope so too!! ;D