I'm Chocolate Wasted

Happy Monday dearies! How were all of your weekends? Good I hope! My weekend was pretty fantabulous. Friday night I had the pleasure of having a little game night with the Graham girls, my favorite little girlies around! The eldest is twelve years old now. TWELVE! That's the age I was when I first met the little sweet hearts and started babysitting for their sweet family. My, oh my, has the time flown by. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was a shy little twelve year old! Where has the time gone? I actually asked my sister that exact question yesterday morning. I asked her where the time had gone and when we had gotten so grown up. You know what the little snob and a half told me? That I wasn't grown up! Pfft. Pfft. The impudence of the woman! (Just kidding, Allison, I love you! Don't kill me for calling you impudent, I was just quoting P&P;) Anyway, one of her reasons for saying that I didn't qualify as a grown up was the fact that when I asked her the question I was sitting across from her slurping away at the smoothie I had made myself for lunch. She claims grown ups don't slurp. Or drink smoothies for lunch for that matter. In fact, as the day progressed she kept pointing out little things that I do that disqualified me from being a grown up. I eventually joined in on pointing out the non "grown up" things I do because, well, she was kind of right, I'm not really much of a grown up.
Here is a small list of the reasons we came up with,  just, during church of why I'm not a grown up. :)

Reasons Why I'm Not a Grown Up
  • I slurp my drinks
  • I play with my candy wrappers
  • I poke my sister with said candy wrappers during Sacrament
  • I fidget like I've got a monkey in my skirt
  • I occasionally giggle to myself for no apparent reason
  • I like to doodle on the program
  • I need to pee urgently every 15 minutes. (Well, that might actually just mean that I have a bladder infection. Whatevs. ;)
Oh! Oh! And the reason why I'm not a grown up that takes the cake: I play with stranger's jackets. Yep. During sacrament I started playing with the jacket of the girl sitting next to me. During the entire meeting. I didn't notice what I had been playing around with, or that I was even doing it, until the closing hymn. We were sitting pretty close to each other because our bench was pretty crammed. She had her jacket off and resting around her, and at some point early in the meeting I surreptitiously picked up a corner of it and started running my thumb up and down it's fleece lining. Honestly, I don't even know why I did it. Maybe it felt like a baby's blankie and I felt like feeling like a baby? Who knows. I'm kind of crazy. Anyway, the only reason I finally noticed I was doing it was because by the last hymn, I had started running the edge of my nail along the zipper and I thought to myself, "heehee I like the sound of zippers with this hymn, heehee, I like the feel of zippers...wait. When did I get a zipper?" and that's when I noticed that I was holding the corner of a stranger's jacket. I wonder if she noticed. I hope she didn't. If she did, she was nice for letting me play with a corner of her jacket. Bless her. ;)
Sweatshirt: Hollister Co similar
Maxi Skirt: Forever 21 similar
Heels: Charlotte Russe similar
Necklace: h&m similar

Well, now that the story telling is done and we've established that I don't qualify for the grown ups club let's talk about the outfit. First, I realize that it isn't quite spring yet, but it's been feeling so deliciously warm the past couple of days, (43 degrees guys! It's basically summer!;) that I decided to just bring out a pop of spring colors anyway. I just love bright happy colors, and the color of this maxi is exactly that. I thought a fun and slightly different way to style it, that wouldn't make it seem too summery/springy, would be to pair it with this cropped sweatshirt I got a couple of years ago at Hollister! I love how dressed up and yet simple this look was! It will definitely be on repeat. 

Much love!

P.S. take a look at these outtakes. Mr. Roku was behaving like a little demon child for photos, and decided that it would just be so grand to runaway from us and pee on all of our neighbors trees. Little punk. Naturally I had to chase him down, in heels mind you, and I ended up picking him up butt up and head down.