Lay like Broccoli

Sometimes all a girl really needs is to spend a day snuggling with her sibs, laughing, tearing up, pigging WAY out, and just vegging out in general. That was my day yesterday and it was sheer heavenly bliss. The day started out by going to see Frozen with my sisters. We loved it so much. We went into the theater not knowing a whole lot about what the movie would be about, and were pleasantly surprised to learn that the movie was all about sisterhood and love. We laughed, we cried (not even kidding), we munched on popcorn, and we came to the conclusion that I am totally Anna, the red headed little sister. It was the perfect movie for the three of us to go out and see, especially since my baby sister will be leaving for Canada in a few weeks! We're drinking up every moment we have to spend with her until she leaves. Another reason we went is because, honestly, we just never really outgrew Disney movies. I mean, we can argue their racist sexist undertones till the cows come home (and I'm actually pretty well versed when it comes to arguing this point) but at the end of the day they're still dang good enjoyable movies. :) No matter how cheesy the little songs are. "Am I excited, or is it just gas? Maybe it's a combination of both?" That was a gem from one of the songs on Frozen, and yes, it was a girl who sang it. I almost cried of laughter.
Anyway, afterwards we all took a quick break to do some other activities separately. Ok, ok, my sister's went out to run an errand for our mum and I...went to the gym. Anyway, though, when we all reconvened we decided to turn our kitchen into one of our favorite restaurants, Bruges Waffles & Frites. We cooked ourselves up some ginormous waffles and homemade garlic/cilantro fries. May I say, I make some mean garlic/cilantro fries. Nothing beats a salty and sweet dinner shared over laughter with three of my favorite people. Oh, and to wrap up the evening we all gathered round and watched Parenthood together. Heart. Wrenching. Episode. Sorry about all the mushy cheesiness but really, there's nothing like the love between sisters, and sometimes all a girl needs is a good ol' snuggle sesh with her sissies to get her spirits up. I'm so grateful for my sisters. I love them more than cookies, ice cream, running, s'mores, pie, cake, bread, avocados, beans, and daydreaming. So, essentially I love them more than all the things that make life worth living.
 Over sized Cardigan: American Eagle
Dress: F21 similar
Over the knee Boots: F21 similar
Necklace: American Eagle similar

"Both within the family and without, our sisters hold up our mirrors: our images of who we are and of who we can dare to be."

Much love!