Lint, Lint, Lint

Forgive my inability to lint roll my coat. I was just too lazy to do it and I figured that some minor photo editing would render my lint buried jacket unnoticeable. I was wrong. Just pretend it's lint free ok? Ok. In other news, my arms are complete jelly right now. Com. Plete. Jelly. Oh, and guys, my bench pressing abilities are abysmal. It's sad really, how bad they are. In fact, they're so embarrassing I don't even want to mention how little I can bench. But let's just say I'm basically benching a six year old...and I struggle with it. Please don't mock. I don't know why this fact is so embarrassing to me, but it is. I seriously left the gym wanting to cry from how embarrassed I was of my bench pressing. I just hate seeming weak in any way, except in this case, I actually am just plain old weak. Boohoohoo. ;( Why is my upper body strength such rubbish? I mean cardio comes easily to me and when it comes to endurance I can endure ten straight minutes wall squating, but ask me to bench press and it's basically like asking a puppy to carry a cow.
 Coat: h&m kids similar
Top: h&m
Beanie: h&m similar
Necklace: h&m similar
Leggings: h&m 
Booties: h&m similar

Guess what? This whole outfit is from h&m. I'm obviously a little obsessed with that place. If stores could cry, the h&m at The Fashion Place Mall would be crying buckets right now from the fact that I will no longer be gracing it with my paychecks for an entire year. Don't worry h&m, I miss you too. I miss you too. This coat, though, is the first winter coat I've ever bought myself. I picked it up from the kids section at h&m a little before Christmas for $20 and it has served me well! It keeps me warm and I love the fact that it looks a little more put together and blazer-y. This morning I actually did have a harder time thinking of something to wear, probably because I went and bragged about how easy my Closet Challenge had been so far. I probably shouldn't have done that. All I wanted to do this morning was head to a mall and get myself something new. I resisted, though. I actually would have had an easier time getting dressed this morning if I had been able to wear a skirt or a dress, but since I was going to ride the train today I figured it'd be safer if I didn't risk riding public transportation in a skirt. So sad. I hate pants. 

Much love!


  1. Love this look!! Those boots are so cute!
    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  2. Love the jacket, and how the gold zippers match those of your boots!
    It's okay, I'm a weakling too. I was at my friend's, and he has a home gym, and here he is doing bicep curls with a 75 pound weight, and the rest of the guys were all like, gotta do this too. So, feeling left out, I tried... and failed miserable. I needed two hands to hold it, and struggled to get it up to my waist, let alone my chest!

    Arielle from Tangled Musings

    1. Thanks Arielle!! Haha, yeah, that upper body strength is just a clincher, right? :)


  3. Umm, remembering to lint roll is insanely hard.