My Hair is Full of Secrets...just sayin'

Top of the mornin' to you all loves. Guess what? My hair is full secrets. Nah, just kidding. It's just that the other day, when I wore this outfit, my sister asked me how I got my hair so big. Of course we couldn't then resist quoting mean girls and said, "Gretchen Wieners knows everybody's business, she knows everything about everyone. That's why her hair is so big, it's full of secrets." Therefore, by that logic, my hair is also full of secrets. ;) Just kidding, the only secret this hair is holding is sweat. I'm not even kidding. That's the secret to my big hair. Sweat. When I style it, I usually like to do it at night, when I have more time to burn, rather than in the morning. Anyway, then when I go into the gym early in the morning I just throw it up into a ponytail at the very tippy top of my head and get started sweating like a flying hog monkey. By the time I'm done, about 45 minutes later, and I let my hair down it just comes down full of insane amounts of volume. Now, I know most people already know the ponytail on the top of your head trick, and it's awesome, but for long lasting big hair the key really is sweat. It's kind of gross but true. That's my trick to long lasting volume, anyway. I don't know if it'll work for everyone, but if you've got thick hair that's on the textured side, like me, then it'll work for sure, if not, give it a shot anyway and see if it works for ya!
In other news, The Closet Challenge is going pretty well. (Don't know what I'm talking about? I've committed to a year without shopping! That's right, a year. Click here for more info!) I've been holding strong thus far, though, despite many temptations. I haven't bought a single thing. Are you guys proud? I'm proud. Also, I'm amazed at how easily getting dressed in the morning has been. Going into this, I was so sure that coming up with outfits on a day to day basis without any new clothes would be a lot harder than it has been. I was so sure that I'd just go into each day thinking that I had absolutely nothing to wear and immediately turn back to my shopping addiction. Happily, that has not been the case. I've got a million and one outfit ideas running through my mind every morning, and I have yet to get bored of the things in my closet. Let's see how long this lasts. Hopefully it'll last me many months more and not just be a one month thing. Fingers crossed. Knock on wood. Although, I have to admit, h&m has been killing me. I have a list of about seven things from their new Spring collection that I'm simply dying to have. My skin is itching to get them. Especially since a couple of them are now half off. Waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
Knit Cardigan: Abercombie Kids similar
t-shirt: h&m
Boyfriend Shorts: h&m similar
Loafers: F21
Necklace: h&m similar
Tights: h&m

Have I mentioned how unseasonably warm it's been here in Utah lately? Well, it's felt gloriously Springy! Mid forties! SO toasty! Anyway, in the spirit of it feeling so springy I decided to break out my baggy boyfriend shorts! I luuuuuuuurve them. I actually got them at the end of December (pre the shopping ban) for ten buckeroos! What a steal. I also love that they're not itty bitty. That's also a major plus. Anyway, I decided to try out the whole "shorts with tights" trend, and I have to say I actually loved it. Especially with my handy dandy cozy/chunky knit cardigan! Very "Weird Girl Next Door". ;)
Much love! 


  1. new follower. in LOVE with your style.

    xx, keena @ http://justadashofkeena.blogspot.com/

  2. My curly hair is always bigger and stays in place better on the 2nd day, but I think that's more of plain old grease than sweat in my case. :P

    1. Gosh, I feel ya! When I leave my hair naturally curly it's twice as big as this! Hooray for curls, right?