I Got 'em from my Momma

It is currently 12:18 AM and I am super duper tired. I actually started working on this post pretty early but then I got distracted playing rock band with my sibs and cousins, so here I am staying up late, even though I have an early morning tomorrow. Oh well. Who needs sleep anyway, right? Also, I discovered today that my cousin can sing and play guitar like a bad a*$. He must be a total stud among the 18 year old girls in Guatemala. Heck, if I closed my eyes and pretended he was some random 6 foot tall, blonde guy, even I was falling for his voice! In a completely non incestuous way, guys. Gross. I'm not a perv...all the time. I kid, I kid, I'm never a perv. ;)
My sister took these photos for me just outside our hotel room on our trip to San Fran over the weekend. I gotta say, I love how they turned out! It was rainy as a butt crack that day and more humid than the inside of an ear, if you couldn't already tell by the state of my frizzed out hair. Humidity is not kind to me. Anyway, I actually wore this to my grandpa's wedding but I loved it so much and thought the colors were festive enough that it could double as a Valentines day post. In fact, this whole week I think I'll just be showcasing different Valentine's Day looks. We started off the week with yesterday's pink and floral look, and today I'm showing you all a more put together look for a fancier night out. 
 Top: F21 similar
Trousers: Banana Republic similar
Sunnies: F21
Necklace: American Eagle similar
Stacked Ring Set: h&m similar

These trousers are the trousers that triggered my shopping binge last week. My momma bought 'em for me and they were just so soft and beautiful that I felt the need to buy myself a small handful of other things. Bleh. I am super duper stoked that she bought them for me though! I had been wishing and wishing for a fair of high waisted trousers for a long long time so I'm crazy happy that my mom was awesome enough to get me these! I love their color because I feel that bright reds work really well year round, and I'm super excited to give these a whirl come summer time. Also, my Jon Lennon/Hippie sunglasses? Yeah, I love 'em. They're one of the pairs I got with my Forever21 gift card! Best purchase ever. I'm in love with them. Whelp, that's all my tired mind is capable of typing up so there ya have it, be sure to stay tuned for my last two Valentine's day looks! 

Much love!


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    1. Right? I just loved them! There's nothing like a good pair of trousers!


  2. Love this look! Your hair is GORGEOUS!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina