I See London, I See France

Taking photos outside of a French bakery wearing a London t-shirt? Tsk, tsk. I'm a cheeky lil' bird (that's slang for girl in London;) aren't I?  I actually heard of this bakery through a fellow blogger and friend, Gentri, who, coincidentally, is moving to DC in the next few days. ;( She will be missed! She was one of my first blogging friends and she is seriously one of the sweetest and genuinely nice people I've had the pleasure of meeting! Without her, I don't know how I'll ever be informed of the various blogging get togethers going on! Miss you already Gentri! The bakery, though? AMAZING! Not only is it totally adorable and chic, inside AND out, it's pastries are to die for! I stopped in with my sister during a short break from work and we tried a couple of the sweets...heaven in our mouths! Next time we go in, we decided that we're going to stay for a full sit down meal. Their sandwiches looked delightful, the pizzas looked scrumptious, and the teas sounded mouthwatering! Plus, what's cuter than a French bakery aptly named Boulangerie? Nothin' I tell ya.
Also, I've decided that I need to start brushing up on my French again. I mean, now, all I can remember how to say with a perfect accent is the French National Anthem and "Mon reve familier" by Paul Verlaine. And what use is that? I mean, if I actually went to France I couldn't get by only knowing those two things. I mean, people would think I was a loon, my response to everything would be to start singing their anthem at them or start reciting poetry. But, eh, maybe another day I'll finally start practicing. In other news, my little sister is officially in Canada! Oh, what an adventure! She looks absolutely stunning in the pictures she's sent and the weather over their resembles the inside of a Snowman's butt crack. Snowy, white, and frozen.
 Cardigan: F21
T-shirt: F21 cute options here
Boyfriend Jeans: Target
Loafers: F21
Purse: h&m

If you'll remember, I got this cardi and this t-shirt when I fell off the "no shopping" band wagon at the beginning of the month. Although I regret having fallen off the band wagon, I'm admittedly enthralled with both pieces. Mostly because pink cardi's are a closet must and well, I'm just obsessed with dem Brits and anything to with their beautiful cheeky selves. ;)

Much love!


  1. Love your outfit! And we cheeky Brit's appreciate the love :-D

    1. Haha thanks Tam! Is it lame that I'm totally squealing over your comment? :)