Like a Cave Woman Huntin' Down 'Dat Groundhog

So much news, my dudes, so much news. First and foremost? My leetle seester is now officially gone serving a mission! It's so odd not having her around and it feels so surreal. I miss having my little "go everywhere with me" buddy! In fact, I miss her so much it aches. I know I need to focus more on the fact that she is serving others and less on the fact that she isn't with me anymore, though. So, let's move on from the loneliness that is currently occupying a sizable chunk of my lil' heart and move onto cheerier topics. Currently,  my fam bam and I are headed to San Francisco! My grandpa is getting remarried on Friday, at the San Francisco temple, and we're all hurrying over for the event! Not that San Fran is particularly warm right now, but I'm excited to escape these snow storms we've been having over the last couple of days here in Utah. Because, honestly? These last couple of days have really made me realize something. I hate the snow. I mean, I can handle the cold until kingdom come, but snow? I can barely put up with it for more than ten minutes. The last few weeks when the snow had pretty much melted and the sun was high and bright were pretty much heavenly! I'm sad they didn't last. Stupid ground hog. Why does he always have to see his dumb shadow?! Is there ever a year when the annoying little sucker doesn't see his shadow?  I don't think so...
In other news, I've been pretty much living like a cave woman these last few months. No phone. No car. No nothin'. Well, technically, I've never had a car so that isn't new, but ya know, I've actually started to get used to this no phone thing! It's been pretty much a full THREE months since I lost my phone, and now, I'm pretty much used to it. It's surprisingly not too bad. It's kind of like being free of an iron cuff. I pay more attention to my surroundings, I'm more present during conversations, and life just has more of that simplicity that I'm always craving. Kind of ironic that I'll finally be able to get a new one in the next couple of days. When I get it, though, I'm going to make a concerted effort not to get as attached to it as I was before. Dependency on anything is an unnecessary evil. :)
Top: F21 similar
Plaid Button Up: F21 similar
Jeans: Gap similar
Shoes: h&m similar
Sunglasses: F21

I know what you're all thinking, "those sunglasses look suspiciously new"...and they are. BUT, I have not broken my no shopping challenge! How you may wonder? Well, after Christmas I exchanged a pair of boots I had gotten from Forever21 because I ended up not liking the fit, and as we all know, Forever21 doesn't do refunds. So, I had to settle for getting a gift card with store credit. I ended up never spending it, so I just had a gift card with a good $30 lying around unspent until now. The sunnies only cost a glorious $5 so I still had some extra cash to spend. To be honest, I pretty much spent almost all of the gift card on sunglasses (I got three pairs) and the rest on a couple of t-shirts. Nothing too spectacular. Even, though, I didn't break my challenge because I didn't actually spend any of my own money, it still wasn't a good idea for me to enter a mall with the intention of getting things for myself. It kind of gave me that crazy, "I need to get everything" buzz that I had been working so hard to get under control. The mall is no friend to me right now. I shall stay away. I promise. In other news, though? I kind of look like a 90s teen...and I like it. Ya know, that whole plaid shirt tied around my waist, and sneakers look? I'm kind of super excited that a lot of the 90s fashion trends are making their way back into style because when it actually was the 90s I was between the ages of 0-8, so I was too young to really appreciate fashion! What are your takes on the return of the 90s?

Much love!

P.S. My Bubba Bear literally spent the whole day crying from how much he missed my little sister. Look at those tears in his eyes.
He needed a smooch. So I gave him one. Never mind that he isn't even technically allowed on school grounds. Me and my Bubba Bear are rule breakers, we smooch wherever we dang well please. ;)


  1. I really don't like snow. I'm trying to make the best of it because we have tons of it....but I'll be happy to see it all gone.

  2. Love those sunglasses. They totally match your shirt!