Like a London Chap

So...I'm wearing my London tee again, and the burn on my forehead is as poopy brown as ever. ;) But, hey, I mean, poop brown forehead smudges that resemble skin cancer are totally hot, right? Totally. ;) Ah well, I've always been a big fan of scars anyway, adding another to my vast repertoire is actually a positive thing in my book. I was going to make this whole post about how in love, nay, obsessed I am with England but I mean, how many times can you all really hear about how once upon a time I became enchanted with a story about a boy wizard, then fell in love with the gent to end all gents, Mr. Darcy, read every single book by a certain young lady, sir name Austen, felt all female empowered when I read the romance of a certain Miss Eyre, and was completely entranced by every thing from the music down to the scenery of the 2005 version of P&P? I think the, oh, bazillion, times I've already talked about this probably suffices. I will say this, though, my heart belongs at Pemberly, my last name should be Darcy (or Bingley, I'm not picky;), I deserve to have magical powers and be the ginger best friend of a one Mr. Potter, and I, and every female in the world for that matter, deserve to have one off the charts romantic letter a la Persuasion written to us. Also, I look like a London chap. Yes, I'm calling myself a bloke. I mean, I'm wearing plaid, grandpa loafers and leather-ish pants. If that isn't what a London chap dresses like, than I don't know London (I don't).

Oh, and, guys? My novela (Spanish soap-opera) ended! Boo. ;( I hate when my novelas end! Also? Now that I'm older, I can fully appreciate just how cheesy novelas are. I mean, people get ACID thrown in their faces. ACID. People get beheaded, tortured, kidnapped on the regular, fall in and out of love, come back from the dead (at least once), and have some sort of debilitating facial deformity that somehow manages to get fixed with some sort of miraculous surgery that makes them beautiful...but I like the cheese. The Chad likes the cheese. The Chad likes the cheese. Sorry, lame Charley's Angels reference, I know.

London Tee: F21 cute options here
Plaid Button Up: F21 similar
Liquid Leggings: h&m similar
Loafers: h&m
Sunnies: F21 similar-ish 

I know I've already said this, but I'm just SUPER stoked that the 90's have made their comeback. Super. Now that I'm not between the ages of 0-7 I can fully appreciate half ponytails, leggings, shirts/sweaters tied around my waist, and knee high socks. I mean, back in the day, the only reason I wore a sweater tied around my waist was for the convenience of having somewhere to tie it around when I got hot. ;) Also, I LOVE these sunglasses! I love how bright they are and that they change from blue/green to blue/purple, depending on the light. Well, I'm off, mother nature has delivered me her monthly uterus punch and I require lots and lots of tea & cookies, and ice cream to make a full recovery from wanting to spend my entire day doing this...

Much love!

P.S. This is what happens when you try to explain to your kid brother exactly what portion of your body a close up should encompass. Also, I swear I shave, those are just the hollows of my pits, not crazy long hair. ;)


  1. Love your 90s grunge-looking outfit! Effortlessly cool!

  2. In love with the 90's revival in fashion as of late!


  3. Oh my gosh you are hilarious! So glad I am following you now on bloglovin!!! You are adorable, have cute style, and I love that you add personal flare to your blog rather than just pics of your outfit. Those are the kinds of fashion blogs that I keep reading :) Keep it up!


    1. Aww you are SO sweet Stef! Thanks so much, I'm so happy to hear that! :)