Nightmares and Head burns

I had the worst dreams the other night. Plus, they were creepy on top of being bad. The first dream was about...gosh this is embarrassing...Eminem. Yep. I had a nightmare about Eminem. My dream began thus. I was at a nighttime music festival with my sister. We had seen all of the artists that we liked so we decided to leave. Just as we were leaving we passed by the stage that Eminem was performing on. Right as we were passing, Eminem (who looked more Bradley Cooper-esque than like his actual creepy self) grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me up on stage. Dream me must've been majorly whacked on cotton candy or something because she was totally into it. Weirdo. Anyway, after Eminem's concert was over, he got my number (I have NO idea how dream me gave this to him willingly) and proceeded to send me flirty texts. I know. I know. Are you already vomiting in your mouth? I am. Then, in the dream, I felt guilty for flirting with Eminem (upchucking as I type this) because I remembered that he's married. Worst dream ever? Worst dream ever.
Now, onto the second dream! This one is pretty simple. I dreamed that all of my hair was falling out. In this nightmare, I dreamed that I was sitting at my kitchen counter with my mom when, all of a sudden, I noticed that there was a GIANT patch of hair missing on the right side of my head! I then proceeded to freak out and noticed that the more I freaked out, the more hair kept disappearing! By the time I managed to force myself to wake up, I had no eyelashes, was missing an eyebrow, and had only three strands of hair left on my head. I was almost in tears. Anyway, I think this dream was a form of a bad omen because when I was styling my hair that morning I burned my forehead. Pretty badly. Look closely and you'll notice a brown smudge on the top right (your left) corner of my forehead.  That's the burn.
Cardigan: Express similar
Top: h&m 
Liquid Leggings: h&m similar
Flats: h&m
Sunnies: F21 similar

In clothing related news, I'm digging these liquid leggings. I got them last summer and wore them twice. Now that I'm not shopping, though, because of my "Closet Challenge" (even if I've sucked this month) I'm finding myself wearing more of the things in my closet. In a way, I'm kind of shopping within my own closet. Anyway, I love these leggings because they're reminiscent of leather pants without actually costing the price of leather pants. Although, I do want an actual pair of leather pants. The past couple of days, here in Utah, have been really overcast and rainy/snowy so I've been sticking to purples and blues as far as color palettes go. No complaints here, though, I love me some good blues and purples! Although, I do wish that the warmer weather we'd been having would make a come back! 

Much love!


  1. Love your look! And, I am cracking up at your dreams…I think the second one is worse (if possible)! Nice to meet you from Utah Chic Bloggers!

    1. Hahaha they were SO weird, right? My brain is loopy! Oh, so nice to meet you too Jamie!