Straight from the 50s

There's nothing quite like family. Sorry to get cheesy on you all today, but it's true. I just love seeing my mom interact with her siblings! After spending a lifetime apart, it's just so great to see how they can so easily pick up were they left off and have SO much to talk and laugh about. It's the greatest, especially since their laughter is so infectious. I mean, put my mom in the same room as her siblings and it's like an instant comedy show. Sometimes I wish we all still lived in the same country. Family relationships are just irreplaceable, and everyday I'm more and more grateful that my mom encouraged my siblings and I to build a strong sibling bond. I love having that support system and the constant knowledge that no matter WHAT I have three constant best friends to count on. Plus, it's just fun having people who know EVERY SINGLE part of you...and still like you anyway.
Sunday was a super cloudy and mildly rainy day so I decided to go with darker colors. I love pairing plaid with denim. It's one of my favorite combinations! Denim shirt on top and plaid layered underneath OR plaid on top and denim underneath. Either way, I love it! I'm also very in love with this skirt from ChicWish. I got it sometime in November last year and I've been wearing it constantly ever since. It's just the perfect basic piece for Sunday wear. Not to mention that the shape and length are utter perfection! I've been really trying to work on my personal modesty, and this skirt is the perfect piece to help me do just that. Also, can you tell I didn't give a monkey's fart about doing my hair today? I was tired from a long week and I just honestly didn't give a toot about trying anything fancy, so I just threw it up into a ponytail on top of my head. Quick solution? Check! Never mind my flyaway baby hairs. ;)
 Plaid Top: F21 similar
Chambray Top: Abercrombie Kids similar
Skirt: ChicWish
Shoes: h&m
Much love!


  1. Love the skirt! I definitely agree, there's nothing like family. While mine tends to be on the quiet side, we still know that no matter what, we're going to be there for each other, whether we're arguing or not. As my sister and I say, we're the only two people who are allowed to insult the other.

    Arielle from Tangled Musings