The Crickets, the crickets!

Top: gap similar
Boyfriend Jeans: Target
Hat: h&m similar
Oxfords: Bass similar
Purse: h&m 

Whelp, folks, it's my last post for the month of February. This month sure did fly by, and it was a poopy one at that. Don't get me wrong, I was all sorts of crazy happy this month (especially this week, kinda weird considering I'm riding the crimson tide this week and that usually causes the opposite effect) but in general it was just poop poop poopy. Sorry for over using that word. I know it's some people's "icky, I can't hear it without cringing" word so I'll control my use of it. Poopy. There, it's out of my system. Hopefully. Anyway, I figured since we've reached another end of the month I should probably do another update on my "Closet Challenge". As you'll all remember I totally killed it last month. I went 100% without shopping. This month, though? ...Cue the crickets...I went a little haywire. Well, maybe that's an exaggeration. Either way, though? I shopped. Anyway, if you remember my rules you'll also remember that I gave myself safety guidelines should I slip up. Click here to read the full post in which I declare my year long shopping hiatus. Following those rules I now need to place the exact amount of money I spent on shopping into my savings account, which has been slowing accumulating more dough, as I've also been placing a 1/4 of my monthly income into it as money I would've otherwise spent on shopping. Let's get to this then. This is what I bought this month:

t-strap pumps: $34.95
knit skirt: $29.95 
(I actually ended up returning this because although it was marked a small it fit more like a medium. I couldn't get a refund, however, because I didn't have the receipt so I got $32 in store credit.)
basic black loafers: $14.95 
(I bought these with some of the store credit I got from the skirt. I actually ended up only paying $4 for them because I had a $10 off coupon. SCORE!)
shoulder bag in brown: $9.95
(I actually bought this on sale for $6.95 on President's Day)

floral bodysuit: $8.80
basic pink cardigan: $8.80
London t-shirt: $8.80


Well, that's all the stuff I bought. The amount I spent is actually pretty shocking. I hadn't thought it would be quite that much, especially since I felt like I was snagging some pretty good deals, but things add up quickly. Whelp, that's that then. Now all that's left is to deposit $97.95 into my savings account and move on. Here's to a clean slate for March and a renewed commitment to NOT SHOP. 

Much love!


  1. Love your blog cutie I adore this outfit!!


  2. Love when a look incorporates little touches of androgyny! You look great!


    1. I love borrowing from the boys too! Thanks Courtney!