Tis the Season

Tis the season for red, pink, purple, and anything heart printed right? Right. And that's all that I'm gonna say in regards to that certain love themed holiday that is approaching. Moving on. These trouser socks? Yeah, they're pretty much the bom diggidy. Yes, I just said bom diggidy. ;) Anyway, I love adding little femme versions of male accessories to an outfit. It's just so fun. Plus, I think the combination of something dressy like trouser socks and oxfords with something as casual as jeans is just so cool. Not that I am cool, I just said bom diggidy and that is the precise opposite of cool. ;) The cute Lauryn and Alexis both tagged me to answer a few questions! How fun right? Seeing as they each had 11 questions, and I don't want to bore all of you, I'll just answer a few of each of their questions! :)
If you were a pizza , what type would you be (based on your personality)? Explain.
I don't know about pizza's, but I just took this quiz about what type of sandwich I would be and I'm a pb&j. I know, so perfect right? I mean I pretty much ate like ten pb&j's a day when I was in high school, and I have a mild obsession with anything peanut butter related. Oh, and explanation. Well, this is the explanation that the quiz gave me. "What goes together better than peanut butter and jelly? You and LIFE, you handsome devil." Their words, not mine. But I am a handsome devil. ;) Just kidding.

If you could be good or better at one thing, what would that be?
Everything. I'm a dabbler, so I'm mildly decent at many things but not really super good at a whole lot. Gymnastics, figure skating, painting, lifting weights, tennis, drawing, roller skating, street racing, martial arts, ballet, make-up artistry, guitar, cello, piano, graffiti, photography, eating less dessert, the list goes on but basically, these are things I'd like to be good or better at.

If you could only use one beauty product for the rest of your life, what would it be?
This is going to sound lame, but I'm not really sure what qualifies as a beauty product. Is it just make-up or is it hair care stuff too? I'm not sure, but I'm going to assume it just involves make-up products, in which case, I would choose blush. I mean, I like eye makeup a lot, but I can feel fine and perfectly happy without it on, but I always like to have a little blush on. It just makes me feel a little more put together/girly/young. It's my go to beauty product. That and eyebrow filler.

How long does it take you to get ready?

Too long. BUT, if I have to, I can be ready in 10-15 minutes.

Finish this sentence: The world could use more ________.
Smiles. The world could use more smiles.   
Blazer: h&m
T-Shirt: F21 similar
Shoes: Bass similar
Socks: h&m similar

Whats the best book you've ever read?
Like any avid book nerd would say, it's too hard to pick just ONE. This last year, though? I really loved Eleanor&Park and The Silver Linings Playbook. 

Day in or day out?
Day out. BUT, only if it involves music, a long drive, nature, and an adventure. I love adventures. Otherwise, I'm all about staying in and spending time with people I love. 

Which Disney princess would you rather trade places with?
Honestly? Probably none of them. Even, though, I love Disney princess movies, they kind of live in these sexist little bubbles where they are seen as completely useless creatures. That answer isn't any fun, though, so if I had to pick it'd be a choice between Meg from Hercules, Esmeralda (She's a ho with a fro like me. Except we're not really ho's.;), Pocahontas, or Princess Jasmine. They all have incredible hair and rockin' bodies and, with the exception of Jasmine, they're all fiercely independent!

What frustrates you?

Wet socks, and being hungry.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not?

I'd like to, but honestly? Not really. I believe that there's such a thing as lust at first sight, but I don't really think a person can feel  something as strong as love by a simple glance at a person.    

Thanks Lauryn and Alexis for tagging me!

Much love!  


  1. That heart shirt is cute!! My go-to beauty product is lipstick, but if it beauty products involve hair stuff, too, I've have to choose hair stuff because my face can take care of itself. My hair, on the other hand....

    1. Thanks Rachel! Haha, I hear ya, if it involves hair products too than I'd have to pick my curl serum!


  2. Your outfit is adorable. I love your top :-)

    Hannah x | lovelettersandsnippets

  3. I love this look!!! You look so comfy and cozy in that cardigan and top! Love it!

  4. you look so perfect for valentine's day! the top is super cute, and i love the pink socks w/the oxfords.


  5. LOVE the outfit! That is such a cute tee and I love the oxford shoes!
    By the way I wanted to invite you to join the utah bloggers facebook group I just started: Utah Chic Bloggers
    Kat | www.poshbykat.com