To My Teddy Bear

(You were Top Gunin' it)
Dear little Teddy Bear, tomorrow you leave for Canada to serve a full time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. There aren't words enough to express just how proud of you I am. It's hard to believe that my tiny little buddy, known for her teddy bear hugs and sloppy smooches, is now a fully grown adult going off to serve The Lord! You have always been the embodiment of cuddles and big hearted love. Perhaps the best example of your sincere love is that time, so long ago, when you were just one and a half and you, Mom, and Dad had gone off for a trip to the States, just the three of you. Allison and I stayed behind with Grandma and Grandpa in Guatemala. We weren't apart for very long, and yet when we went to the airport to pick you up, the instant you caught sight of us, you ran as fast as your tiny little dimpled legs would carry you with your arms outstretched and tears in your eyes toward us. You were so tiny and yet, your little heart was big enough to comprehend that you loved us and had missed us.
There was never a boring day growing up with you, my dear little Teddy Bear. You always had the biggest personality and every experience with you was life or death because you felt everything so strongly. That expression in the photo above? That was your signature look. :) You were always our little love bug with a grouchy attitude. You always wanted all eyes to be on you at all times, and to get every little thing you wanted exactly when you wanted it. I know that sounds bad, but mostly, I think you always just had so much love to give that you just wanted a lot of love in return. Whenever someone was in need of a hug, you were there. Whenever someone needed a hand to hold and encouraging smooch on the cheek, you were there. You were in every sense of the word, our little angel, Teddy bear.
(This was probably the last time I was taller than you;)
Eighteen years later, and you're leaving us again. Only, this time? We'll be the ones waiting for YOU with outstretched arms and teary eyes. It's time for you to pack up your things and go off and be that brave girl that you are. We will miss you, but more than anything, we are proud of you, and that, my dear little Teddy Bear, is what you need to remember as you go off to serve! We. Are. Proud of you. Now, go and share that angelic teddy bear love of yours with others and convert their hearts!

I love you big, Allissa. I love you big. 


  1. WHAT CUTIES!!!! Oh my gosh your little dimples! Congratulations to her on serving a mission! How exciting!
    Kat | www.poshbykat.com

  2. tears!! this was so beautiful allexis!!

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