Wagons, Spilled Milk, and an Early Spring

Oh boy, the weekend I've had. First, San Francisco was as rainy as a butt crack. It wasn't much different from being in Utah except for the fact that it was a balmy 55 degrees. It was quite pretty to see all of the pretty trees atop the small little mountains, though, but it was just a weekend full of stresses and a whirlwind of emotions. Family, however darling they may be, can sometimes be a bit of a pain in the rear. ;) Except for you, Allison, of course. ;) Also, I've discovered that I kind of like the driving part of trips far better than the arriving at the actual destination part. Weird, I know. There's just something about looking out of a window that captures my fancy like nothing else. Also, I've decided that as soon as I'm a millionaire I'm going to buy myself a lakeside cabin at Lake Tahoe. ;) Lake Tahoe just really captured my heart, it's so ridiculously pretty!
Even, though, I went from rainy San Francisco to even rainier Utah, I'm glad it's just rain and not snow. Knock on wood. Plus, I like the rain. It's strangely relaxing. Also, rainy days just remind of that little children's song, "You are my Sunshine". I always looooooved that song. It was one of my favorites as a kid! Although, the rain does make it seem like Spring is coming a full month early! Not that I'm complaining. It's nice to be able to start incorporating more Spring pieces, like this floral top and baby pink sweater!
 Floral Top: F21
Cardigan: F21
Pencil Skirt: h&m
Shoes: h&m
Gold Belt: American Eage similar

Now, I have to confess something. This entire outfit is new. I fell off the band wagon, guys. My mom and I were just feeling super down the day we dropped my little sister off at the MTC so we decided to take a trip to the mall. I hadn't planned on buying anything but after my mom bought me couple of things it's like a switch went off in my mind and I immediately had to get everything. I didn't of course, but I did buy 6 things. This outfit included. I feel yucky. But, hey, the only thing left to do now is learn from this experience and realize that I created the guidelines of my Closet Challenge for a reason. Now what I need to do is add the equivalent of the money I spent into my savings account, and move forward again with a full effort to not shop! There's no use crying over spilled milk, right? All that matters now is that I've followed my guidelines for situations like this and that I'm not going to fall of the band wagon again. :)

Much love!

P.S. Guess who is heeeeere! My aunt and my little baby cousin! They came to visit from Guatemala for the next couple of weeks! I love them! This little one is a TALKER. And she says the cutest things! When we met each other for the first time she told me, "All my wildest dreams have come true now that I've met you!" Oh, and the other day she told me I looked Chinese because I have pointy eyes. She's a hoot and a half! ;)


  1. Well, one time my baby sister said she WAS Chinese because she wore Chinese clothes. :P Gotta love those little ones! And your floral shirt is super pretty, even if you weren't exactly supposed to buy it! :)

    1. Haha that's funny! Little kids are the best! Thanks Rachel!