The Rooster, the Crow, and the Man with a Beard

Sometimes I like to dress the way seven year old me livin' in the 90s would have. Today was one of those days. Today is also one of those days in which I really, really wish I had something interesting, funny, or even mildly weird to say...but I don't. I'm finding myself with absolutely nothing to write about. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. I'm probably already boring you all half to death just writing about not having anything to write about. I'm boring. Forgive me. Actually, now that I think about it. I do have something to share! The other day, during my afternoon run, I saw a rooster! He was just strollin' out of his neighborhood and then running like a goofy little maniac down the street. I imagine he was thinking something along the lines of, "freeeeeeeedom!!!!" It was actually pretty funny, but I'm kind of worried he might've gotten hit by a car. I sure do hope he found his home again. I wanted to catch him so I could help him find his home, but then I would've been stuck carrying a rooster wandering the streets aimlessly, looking for it's owners. Not to mention that I'm terrified of birds (chickens and roosters included) so I probably would've had a heart attack if I even attempted to touch it with a ten foot pole. All this I could have tried to overcome, though, just to help the little guy out, but the point was rendered moot by the little guy hobbling off like the wind. He was about a quarter of a mile away from me when I first spotted him and when he saw me running towards him he took off like a bullet and disappeared around a corner. Who knew roosters could hobble so dang quickly.

Speaking of birds, the other day when I was stopped at a stoplight, minding my own business, jamming out to "We are the Wild Ones" by Nina (I'm MAJORLY obsessing over this song right now), I started hearing the unmistakable ear curdling squawk of crow. Now, to fully appreciate just how terrifying this sound is to me, you'd have to know that I was once harassed by a crow when I was out on a run. Yep. Not even kidding. Let's not go into details, though. Anyway, I hear the demonic cry of one of those little spawns of Satan and I almost died right then and there because I momentarily lost my mind and thought that the crow somehow got into my car and was about to kill me. Anyway, after frantically looking around my car to make sure it wasn't hiding anywhere deciding how best to rip my head off, I decided maybe I was just going crazy and hearing things. Much to my chagrin, though, I heard another squawk. This time I knew it wasn't in my car so I started to look for it outside. As I was looking around, I noticed the guy in the car next to me. He looked like a ginger Hagrid and his expression looked like he had just witnessed the death of a puppy. He was terrified too. Anyway, we linked eyes for a second and exchanged a "oh, good, we're not crazy" glance. After that, I spotted the crow flying around over head, the light turned green, and I went on my way feeling comforted by the fact that giant men with red beards are also pee your pants scared of birds.
Denim Jacket: Osh Kosh similar
Bodysuit: h&m (gift from one of my best frennnns) similar
Floral Shorts: F21 similar
Sneakers: h&m 

Now for some riveting outfit chitchat. First, this "L'amour" bodysuit is just divine. It's got the little snaps at the bottom, for more convenient potty breaks, that I always wished bodysuits would have! Now I can proudly proclaim to you all that I'm basically just wearing an adult onesie! Yippee!! Anyway, this fab little bodysuit was a present from one of my best friends and boy does she know me well! Perfect birfday present! Also, what do you all think of my knock off Keds? Pretty fab right? I'm so stoked the Keds look is back in! I only wish I could actually afford real Keds. But I'm not supposed to be shopping anymore and even if I could shop I don't know how I'd feel about laying down $50 for a pair of shoes when there's tuition to be paid. Also, I was under the mild delusion that Keds used to be affordable once upon a time because when I was a kid I had a new pair of Keds every year, and there were definitely times in my childhood when we were anything but rolling in dough. When I asked my Mom about it, though, she told me they've always been that pricey, she just always made an effort to put enough money aside to buy us nice things. Melt my heart. My mom was truly the best mom possible for me. If I recall correctly, there was a time when she went at least a good ten years without ever really buying herself anything. That's motherhood for you. Sacrificing your own wants and needs for the wants and needs of your kids. Thanks Momma! Now, all of you send a smile to your mother! :) 

Much love!


Ma Home Girl V Mars

Is it too early for maxi's and sandals? Eh? If it is, I don't currrr. Tuesday was a blissful 62 degrees and there was no way I was going to let that pass by without bringing out some warmer weather pieces. Also, as part of my birthday celebrations last week, my sister took me out to see VERONICA MARS!!! EEP! I was SO excited!! The movie premiered on the 14th but in Utah, for some reason, there was only ONE theater in the entire state that was showing it on the actual premiere date! All of the others wouldn't be showing it till the 28th. And we all know there's no way I'd be waiting THAT long to see one of my all time favorite tv series hit the big screen! Anyway, the day before my birthday we jumped in the car and drove out 30 MILES to see it! It was TOTALLY worth it! As my sister can testify, I was totally and completely crazy fan girl squealing almost the ENTIRE time. It would've been the WHOLE entire time, but, obviously, I had tsk, boo, and blow raspberries whenever there was a Piz scene. I hate that guy. Logan and Veronica forever!!! Again I say, #crazyfangirl. ;) Also, the theater we went to? Yeah, the seats were INcredible!!! They were leather, more plush than a baby's bottom, had a kick out foot rest, AND were reclinable!!! We were geeking out in pure Greek Goddess comfort! Now, what kind of Veronica Mars geeky fan post would this be if I didn't post one of my favorite lines from the series? Here it is!!

[Veronica is trying to change a flat tire]
Troy: Flat?
Veronica: Just as God made me.

Amen, Veronica. Amen. Holla to all my small chested gurrls! ;) (also, please excuse all of my ghett-O talk in this post. My inner, hardened by a life of crime in the Bronx, Diva is coming out. Not that I would even know what a hardened by a life of crime in the Bronx Diva would be like. I've never even been to the Bronx, much less lived a life of crime ;)
Military Jacket: Old Navy similar
Tank: F21 similar
Maxi Skirt: F21 similar
Sandals: F21 (sold out in silver similar here)
Necklace: American Eagle 
Sunnies: F21 similar

These sandals were another birthday present, and I'm SOOOOOOOO in love with them! Metallic Roman style sandals? Genius. I can already see myself wearing these errday. Also, what's better than a little coral and military jacket action? Noteeng. P.S. I finally finished watching ALL 8 seasons of Desperate Housewives last night and I'm kinda depressed about it now. Sigh...TV. ;) We all know the post Netflix apocalyptic marathon crash, right? Right? Just me? Whatever, I hate you guys anyway. Just kidding. ;) 

Much love!


Designing Your Own Blog 101: The Header

As promised, every Wednesday for the next few weeks or so, I will be bringing you all a little "Designing Your Own Blog 101". This week we're starting off with...dun, dun, dun...the header! Now, my reasoning behind putting this design series for you all was because blog design is SO crucial when it comes to blogging. SO crucial. In my book, it's one of THE most important things, if not the single most important thing, when it comes to blogging. 

When I first started blogging I just had a really basic ghetto template from blogger. At the time, I was just studying plain old Advertising and hadn't made the switch over to graphic design so I had literally no knowledge of how to do anything with my blog design. I then got lucky and won a custom design after participating in a giveaway similar to the one I hosted a couple of weeks ago. The design was nice, and it worked for a little while, but then I decided I wanted to up my anti a bit. That's when I decided to actually hire someone to customize my blog. It wasn't a pleasant experience. I really wish I had done my research. I ended up paying a hefty price for something that I didn't love and for service that wasn't up to par with the price I was being charged. My emails would go unanswered for weeks and after I expressed some of the changes I wanted made (I was promised two revisions when I purchased the package) my emails just got completely ignored. My mistake was picking someone who was a newbie designer with no portfolio, and frankly, I only went with because I liked how she had done her own blog. My advice? Research, research, research. Before committing to any designer, check out their portfolio and/or get in touch with the bloggers they've designed for. Now, there's no point in naming names when it comes to my bad design experience. It would just be mean, and for all I know, she's improved. What I will do, though, before we get started on this, is mention a few designers that are reliable and talented. My first suggestion would be to buy a template rather than a custom design if you don't have the funds for a full blown custom design made just for you. Especially if you're new to blogging. I love, love, love, the template designs of Pink and Lola! They're chic, fun, AND, affordable! Check out Pink and Lola's shop here. Another fun shop for affordable blog templates? Lisa's Menagerie. Feminine and elegant! Check out the shop here. If you do want to take the plunge for a custom blog design, and not break the bank, I'd highly recommend Kalee, of Fredrongo.com! Her designs are so clean, airy, and fun with small pops of color! Not to mention that her prices for a custom blog design are unbeatable. Check out her work here! For those of you who would rather make updates to your blog for free and on your own, keep reading!
Well, now that we've gotten over that hump of a paragraph let's get started! Now, a lot of these methods I picked up in my design classes after I decided to switch from Advertising to Graphic Design. Well, that, and a ton of research on my own! Let's get started with this header now! The first thing we'll need to do is pick out a font. I like headers with a mix of fonts because they're more interesting to me and eye catching, however, one font can be just as fun too! I like to get my fonts from dafont.com They have all the kinds of fonts you could possibly desire. I like combinations of basic serif fonts and sans serif fonts with more curly cursive fonts. For the example I'm showing you today I'm going to be using "tall dark and handsome", "channel", and "wood cutter jet-set". To download a font from dafont.com all you need to do is hit the download button to the right, a dialogue box should then open up prompting you to either open or save the file. Open it. Next, it'll open up a folder with two files. Double click on the file that says "open type font file" to the right of it. That should open up another dialogue box with the option to "install" on the top left. Hit install and you're good to go!

Now that we've got our font/fonts all picked out, we need to get started on the real work. For this next step we have two options. We can either use actual design programs, like photoshop (or my personal favorite, illustrator), or we can use the good old and free option of "paint". Now, if you want to go the photoshop route you can download a 30 day free trial here, holla! Unfortunately, I won't really be able to guide you through that route because my subscription just ended and I'm still deciding whether or not I want to pay $20 a month for it for the rest of forever or just plain old shell out the nearly 2 grand for the entire creative suite. ;) For those reasons, today I'll be guiding you all through creating a header with the "paint" program that is basic to 90% of computers. Also, it's an easier option to guide beginners through. A lot less technical terms. :) If you feel confident enough to play around with photoshop, though, I'd highly recommend getting the free trial. The difference between work done in photoshop or just a regular paint program is NIGHT and DAY.

Ok, so open up whatever paint program you have available to you on your computer. The first thing you'll want to do is adjust the size of your canvas. I like to make mine 636 x 230. It's a good basic size.

Next, open up a text box and type in the title of your blog. Since I'm going with three different fonts, and I don't want them all the same size, or lined up perfectly straight, I'm going to make a text box for each phrase of my faux blog title, "The Princess and the Pea".

My first text box will be "The". I went with "tall dark and handsome" for this font, sized at 36.

My next text box will be for "Princess" I went with "channel" for this font, sized at 68. Now, I don't want it directly next to "the" so after I've typed it in I'm going to select it with the selection tool and move it just a little closer to "the" and slightly below it.

For my final text box for "and the Pea" I went with "wood cutter jet-set" sized at 36. After I typed it in I selected it and centered it directly below "princess".
Now, that we've got our header designed and created we need to save it. When you save it be sure to save it as a PNG file rather than a JPEG. A PNG file will show up a lot clearer when we install it. To install it we'll need to log into blogger and head over to layout. Once we're in layout, hit the edit button on your header tab. A dialogue box with options will open up. Scroll to the section that reads image and select the option "from your computer" and click browse. Open up your header file and a small sample of it should now show up on your dialogue box. Before hitting the save button on the dialogue box select the option "instead of title and description" so that it'll show up on your page correctly.

There, now my header is installed. The thing is, though, it's off center. I don't want that. I want it to be centered on my page. To do that I need to go to the "template" page on blogger. Once there, I need to hit on the "customize" option. That will open up a whole new page of options. :) To center our header we need to click on the "advanced" tab. Once there, scroll down and select the "add CSS" option. Now, we'll need to type in the following code:

#header-inner img {margin: 0 auto !important;} #header-inner {text-align:center !important;}

Our header should now be centered. If it isn't showing up centered in the example box of your blog on the screen, just hit enter after typing in the code and that should do the trick. Before finishing up, we need to save our work. Click on the "apply to blog" button and you're safe to head back to blogger. After that, we've got a nice functioning header! 
I hope this tutorial was helpful! Let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to give you an answer! Next week we'll be playing around with the "about me" section so stay tuned! 

Much love!


Say Hello to your Newest DMV Worker

Remember how I told you all I had a new job? Whelp, you're all looking at Utah's newest DMV worker. Boosh! ;) Dream job? No. Boring as heck sometimes? Come one, it's the DMV we're talking about. BUT, the hours fit perfectly with my other work schedule and will work well in the Fall when school starts! Plus, all of my coworkers are THE sweetest in the world! A good majority of them are grandparent age, but it's the best! I pretty much want to spend the whole day hugging everyone! Also, who better to train a newbie than a sweet grandparent type? I've been getting some pretty sick headaches because there's a butt LOAD of information to learn and take in, but I think I'm gettin' the hang of it. The only thing is, it's all legal document type stuff so the stakes are SOUPA high if I mess up. SOUPA. That's why I have to try extra hard to not make ANY mistakes. ANY. My current trainer is the sweetest lady on the planet. I've learned SO much from her already! And not just work related things, just plain old life lessons too. Everyone at work calls her Peach, because whenever she's asked how she's doing she says "peachy". She's never short of a sincere ear to ear smile and happy attitude. I love it. No matter how frustrating the person we're helping may be she always stays perfectly happy and patient and in the end the customer ends up walking a way with a smile. She also frequently says, "Any day above dirt is a good one so why be unhappy". I think that's such a good motto to live by. Any day that we wake up still breathing in life is a day to be grateful and happy. We never really know when our days above dirt will come to an end, no matter how young or old we are, so why waste them being grumpy and mean? Peace and love people. Peace. And. Love. But seriously, let's spread around a few more smiles.
Slouchy Knit Cardigan: c/o American Eagle 
Plain White Tee: h&m 
Boyfriend Shorts: h&m similar
Floppy Sun Hat: Chic Wish similar 
Flats: F21 
Belt: h&m
Arrow Necklace: gift from my baby sister in Canada

Now, onto outfit related chit chat! A little while ago American Eagle sent me some spending cash to pick something out. I waited a good little while before hitting the trigger on anything, though, because there were SO many cute things that I couldn't quite decide on which beautiful piece I wanted most. When I saw this slouchy cardi, though, I knew I had found the one. Like I've mentioned before, I love the chunky sweater and shorts combo in the Spring, not to mention the fact that cozy cardis like this one last well into Fall. I bought it in a size medium instead of a small so it would be extra long and extra slouchy! You guys know what a sucker I am for slouch! Also, have you all checked out American Eagle lately? Their stuff is pretty bom diggity right now. Back in high school I was big AE shopper and then somehow I stopped going as often. Last fall, though, I rediscovered my AE love and went a little buck wild getting myself things during all of the Thanksgiving sales. I'm smitten with the place again. Too bad I can't buy anything, though, because of my closet challenge. Was I crazy when I committed to this challenge? Joost a leetle beet. ;) Alls wells, it's been good for me and I'm stickin' to it. P.S. though? Floppy hats? Total Spring/Summer/Fall staple this year! And this cutout one from Chic Wish? Amazeballs! Go snap one up for yourselves before they're all gone! Or. OR. Get this camel colored one (I still need a camel colored one).

Much Love!


Goo Goo

With all of the hub ub that went on last week I don't think I ever really got a chance to thank you all for your lovely birthday wishes! You guys are seriously the bestest! In fact, you're all so great the use of non-words like "bestest" becomes absolutely necessary. ;) I was seriously spoiled. I have the best friends, family, and readers a girl could ask for! I think my sister took home the cake, though, present wise. She got me...now, get ready for this because it's huge...GOO GOO DOLLS CONCERT TICKETS!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! I don't know if I've ever mentioned that The Goo Goo Dolls are one of my top five favorite bands, but they are. They're on my "See in Concert Before I (Or They) Die" list. I've been pretty much obsessing over them, particularly their song "Name", since I was four. Now, the concert isn't actually till July, but I'm pretty much going to be squealing the entire time till then. I will also be taking every precaution to make absolutely sure that I don't die before July 17. After that, well, if I die I'd die happy. Well, semi. I still need to see U2, and Mana before that can happen, #crazyfangirlstatus. ;) Also, I didn't want the Spring blooms to sneak up on me this year, so I've been keeping a close eye on EVERY. SINGLE. TREE. on my block. Well, more like every tree I see on the regular. I feel like every Spring I go to sleep one night, with not a bloom in sight, and wake up the next day to trees full of flowers. That's why this year I'm watching those tree's every move. ;) Nothing's getting by me. In fact, I can already see teeny tiny little buds on most trees, so I predict we'll be getting some nice Spring blooms any day now.
T-shirt: F21 similar
Jeans: Pacsun similar
Scarf: h&m similar and DYING over this one
Shoes: F21 
Purse: Aldo's
Sunnies: F21 similar

Now, you know one of the best parts about birthdays? Well, I mean besides all the sweet yummies, obviously. It's the presents. The presents, the presents! We all know it. ;) Anyway this purse was a prezzy. Is it ok if I make that a thing? Can we all just start saying prezzy as a shortened version of present? No? Totally lame? It's ok. I understand. ;) Anyway, how awesome is the purse? I'm totally and completely in love with it!!! The color, the size, the shape! Best prezzy ever. ;) It's the perfect subtle Spring accessory. This bird/floral printed scarf is pretty great too. I got it ages ago at h&m but I'm never short of an opportunity to wear it. Also, I know I wear my London tee alllll the time, but I just think a classic black and white graphic tee is so versatile. It really is a closet must. These flats were also an early birthday gift and I've pretty much been wearing them everyday since I got them. Their shape is awesome and I love that they aren't like traditional flats that cover all of your feet, the little peek a boo sides are great.

Much love!



Sorry I have been M.I.A lately. Between my birthday, and starting a new job, that's right, a NEW JOB (more on that later), I have had like zero extra time. Zero. I've been napping it up more than usual, which for me just means that I've just been straight up napping (I never nap). New jobs are tiriiiiing. Anyway, I'm going to skip right over the typical "IT'S SPRING" post, because, well, you all own a calendar. And if even if you didn't the announcement has pretty much been all over bloglovin'. Sorry, that was kind of mean. I guess tiredness also apparently makes me a bit tart. ;) Anyway, stay tuned because I have got some FUN posts planned for you all next week. Fun outfit posts, and, AND, the "designing your own blog 101" tutorial I had promised you guys! Eep! Be on the lookout! Oh, and just because, here's an extra outfit post I had hanging around and just hadn't used!

Sweatshirt: Hollister similar
Button Up: h&m
Pencil Skirt: h&m similar
T-Strap Pumps: h&m similar
Necklace: h&m similar

Much love!