Blogging Essentials Part Two: $160 ASOS Gift Card

Remember how I promised you all that the Prize for Part Two of the Blogging Essentials giveaway would be awesome? Well, what do you all think? Preeeetty awesome, right? We've given you loves the opportunity to win a stellar camera, which is pretty much one of the biggest essentials to blogging if not the biggest, so now we decided you all needed a chance to win money for some styling new drags to take pictures OF with that stellar camera. Now, we all know that new clothes isn't a necessity when it comes to being a style blogger, but it certainly doesn't hurt. ;) Plus, $160 to ASOS? That's pretty bomb in my book. :) I mean, I don't know about you guys, but I can't afford to shop at ASOS on the regular, even though I TOTALLY wish I could! Remember to complete as many (or all) of the entries as possible to increase your chances of winning!
Now, just some quick rules! 
Rule 1: Giveaway will run for one week and the winner will be announced on Thursday March 13th. 
Rule 2: The winner's entries will be verified.
Rule 3: Giveaway is open worldwide! :)

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  1. Hello Allexis!
    I did not participate in the Blogging Essentials Part One, because it was not international. But once this one is, I tried my luck! :)
    But I noticed that it wasn't asked in any of the entries our usernames in the social networks we had to use.
    So I'll leave in this comment my usernames in all social networks, in case that I'm the lucky one, so you will be able to check all my entries easily!

    Facebook - Juliana Rodrigues (https://www.facebook.com/juliana.ribeiro.rodrigues)
    Twitter - @Juliana_RR
    Instagram - @julirrodrigues
    GFC, Bloglovin and YouTube - Juliana Rodrigues
    Pinterest - Juliana Rodrigues (pinterest.com/julirodrigues19/)

    Thanks to all of you! :)

    Kisses from Portugal :)

    1. Hi Juliana! Aww yay, I'm so glad you entered! Oh my gosh, thanks for pointing that out, I thought I had set that up, but I guess I forgot! I'll get it fixed!


  2. Thanks for this giveaway!

    GFC widget at http://www.theglitteringlife.com is nowhere to be found, so I added that blog to my GFC list manually through my blogger settings page (my GFC nickname is Harakun). Anyway, I think it might be a bit confusing to your other readers so I just wanted to bring this to your attention. Have a nice day, dear :)


    1. Oh no problem, girl! Oh, thanks for bringing that up! I think she wanted entrants to enter their emails in her "Pen Pals" box on her page, but I'll double check with her just in case!