Goo Goo

With all of the hub ub that went on last week I don't think I ever really got a chance to thank you all for your lovely birthday wishes! You guys are seriously the bestest! In fact, you're all so great the use of non-words like "bestest" becomes absolutely necessary. ;) I was seriously spoiled. I have the best friends, family, and readers a girl could ask for! I think my sister took home the cake, though, present wise. She got me...now, get ready for this because it's huge...GOO GOO DOLLS CONCERT TICKETS!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! I don't know if I've ever mentioned that The Goo Goo Dolls are one of my top five favorite bands, but they are. They're on my "See in Concert Before I (Or They) Die" list. I've been pretty much obsessing over them, particularly their song "Name", since I was four. Now, the concert isn't actually till July, but I'm pretty much going to be squealing the entire time till then. I will also be taking every precaution to make absolutely sure that I don't die before July 17. After that, well, if I die I'd die happy. Well, semi. I still need to see U2, and Mana before that can happen, #crazyfangirlstatus. ;) Also, I didn't want the Spring blooms to sneak up on me this year, so I've been keeping a close eye on EVERY. SINGLE. TREE. on my block. Well, more like every tree I see on the regular. I feel like every Spring I go to sleep one night, with not a bloom in sight, and wake up the next day to trees full of flowers. That's why this year I'm watching those tree's every move. ;) Nothing's getting by me. In fact, I can already see teeny tiny little buds on most trees, so I predict we'll be getting some nice Spring blooms any day now.
T-shirt: F21 similar
Jeans: Pacsun similar
Scarf: h&m similar and DYING over this one
Shoes: F21 
Purse: Aldo's
Sunnies: F21 similar

Now, you know one of the best parts about birthdays? Well, I mean besides all the sweet yummies, obviously. It's the presents. The presents, the presents! We all know it. ;) Anyway this purse was a prezzy. Is it ok if I make that a thing? Can we all just start saying prezzy as a shortened version of present? No? Totally lame? It's ok. I understand. ;) Anyway, how awesome is the purse? I'm totally and completely in love with it!!! The color, the size, the shape! Best prezzy ever. ;) It's the perfect subtle Spring accessory. This bird/floral printed scarf is pretty great too. I got it ages ago at h&m but I'm never short of an opportunity to wear it. Also, I know I wear my London tee alllll the time, but I just think a classic black and white graphic tee is so versatile. It really is a closet must. These flats were also an early birthday gift and I've pretty much been wearing them everyday since I got them. Their shape is awesome and I love that they aren't like traditional flats that cover all of your feet, the little peek a boo sides are great.

Much love!

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  1. I love all the pastels!! And yes, now it's absolutely a must that you make sure to stay alive through July 17th! :)