In celebration of my best friend

Hello there LCF readers! Today I’m hijacking Allexis’s blog, you might be wondering who I am. Well I’m Allexis’s older sister Allison; you might have read about me before. Today I’m taking over to tell you about my best friend Allexis. It was 22 years ago that she was born and little did I know then but we would soon be the best of friends and the closest two sisters could get.  She is my partner in crime, the voice of reason, and my shoulder to cry on, and basically the person I want to see at the end of everyday.

In honor of her birthday I have created a little playlist that encompasses some of her favorite songs and some songs that are just plain old Allexis.                                                                                         

My earliest memory of Allexis was, when she was a little baby, I was looking at her tiny hand and wondering what it would feel like if I bit it (btw I was only 1..ok basically 2 at the time). I bit it and it was soft and nice but she didn’t like it. I like to think that’s the day I knew she would be a good sidekick. Ever since then we have always been together matching outfits and all.

Through our childhood years Allexis was the voice of reason to my many bad ideas. We shared secrets and had a blast. I don’t know if you can tell from reading her blog but Allexis is an extremely funny person, she is always making me laugh! She takes pride in making me do spit takes and shooting soda out of my nose. She makes me laugh all day long with her weird questions, the random thoughts that fill her head and her upbeat bubbly personality! You can’t help but be happy when she is around.

Allexis was born early (early in the day and a month early), I think we should have realized then two things about her; one she is always super active, and two she isn’t very patient. Much to Allexis’s dismay I am not super active and I’m patient. She spent most of her toddler years trying to come up with clever ways to wake me up so we could play, and being extremely bored when trying to patiently wait till I woke up. We have always been opposites but I think that’s why we work. You might be surprised to know that even though we live together we text each other all day long and we still have things to talk about when we see each other. We talk and talk till you would think there is nothing left to say but we still have more, she is my best friend. And when we communicate through quotes of; movies, books, music, and TV shows we’ve seen I know that no one will ever get me like she does.

Allexis not only is a great friend and sister to me, she is also a great friend and sister to those around her. She takes in her friends and she loves them for who they are and shows them her love in the most wonderful ways. She’s always up for a midnight chat or a movie night. She always has something positive to say and she will always let you know how much she loves you.                                                     

Through the years I know that there is one person I can count on through thick and thin and that’s my B-E-A-UTIFUL sister Allexis. 


 She is my sunshine and she makes me oh so happy when skies are gray, so cheers to her and to celebrate another year of life! Can’t wait to see what crazy shenanigans we get to this year.

Best Friends Since 1992


  1. This is an absolutely lovely post! Happy Birthday!