Sorry I have been M.I.A lately. Between my birthday, and starting a new job, that's right, a NEW JOB (more on that later), I have had like zero extra time. Zero. I've been napping it up more than usual, which for me just means that I've just been straight up napping (I never nap). New jobs are tiriiiiing. Anyway, I'm going to skip right over the typical "IT'S SPRING" post, because, well, you all own a calendar. And if even if you didn't the announcement has pretty much been all over bloglovin'. Sorry, that was kind of mean. I guess tiredness also apparently makes me a bit tart. ;) Anyway, stay tuned because I have got some FUN posts planned for you all next week. Fun outfit posts, and, AND, the "designing your own blog 101" tutorial I had promised you guys! Eep! Be on the lookout! Oh, and just because, here's an extra outfit post I had hanging around and just hadn't used!

Sweatshirt: Hollister similar
Button Up: h&m
Pencil Skirt: h&m similar
T-Strap Pumps: h&m similar
Necklace: h&m similar

Much love! 

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