Say Hello to your Newest DMV Worker

Remember how I told you all I had a new job? Whelp, you're all looking at Utah's newest DMV worker. Boosh! ;) Dream job? No. Boring as heck sometimes? Come one, it's the DMV we're talking about. BUT, the hours fit perfectly with my other work schedule and will work well in the Fall when school starts! Plus, all of my coworkers are THE sweetest in the world! A good majority of them are grandparent age, but it's the best! I pretty much want to spend the whole day hugging everyone! Also, who better to train a newbie than a sweet grandparent type? I've been getting some pretty sick headaches because there's a butt LOAD of information to learn and take in, but I think I'm gettin' the hang of it. The only thing is, it's all legal document type stuff so the stakes are SOUPA high if I mess up. SOUPA. That's why I have to try extra hard to not make ANY mistakes. ANY. My current trainer is the sweetest lady on the planet. I've learned SO much from her already! And not just work related things, just plain old life lessons too. Everyone at work calls her Peach, because whenever she's asked how she's doing she says "peachy". She's never short of a sincere ear to ear smile and happy attitude. I love it. No matter how frustrating the person we're helping may be she always stays perfectly happy and patient and in the end the customer ends up walking a way with a smile. She also frequently says, "Any day above dirt is a good one so why be unhappy". I think that's such a good motto to live by. Any day that we wake up still breathing in life is a day to be grateful and happy. We never really know when our days above dirt will come to an end, no matter how young or old we are, so why waste them being grumpy and mean? Peace and love people. Peace. And. Love. But seriously, let's spread around a few more smiles.
Slouchy Knit Cardigan: c/o American Eagle 
Plain White Tee: h&m 
Boyfriend Shorts: h&m similar
Floppy Sun Hat: Chic Wish similar 
Flats: F21 
Belt: h&m
Arrow Necklace: gift from my baby sister in Canada

Now, onto outfit related chit chat! A little while ago American Eagle sent me some spending cash to pick something out. I waited a good little while before hitting the trigger on anything, though, because there were SO many cute things that I couldn't quite decide on which beautiful piece I wanted most. When I saw this slouchy cardi, though, I knew I had found the one. Like I've mentioned before, I love the chunky sweater and shorts combo in the Spring, not to mention the fact that cozy cardis like this one last well into Fall. I bought it in a size medium instead of a small so it would be extra long and extra slouchy! You guys know what a sucker I am for slouch! Also, have you all checked out American Eagle lately? Their stuff is pretty bom diggity right now. Back in high school I was big AE shopper and then somehow I stopped going as often. Last fall, though, I rediscovered my AE love and went a little buck wild getting myself things during all of the Thanksgiving sales. I'm smitten with the place again. Too bad I can't buy anything, though, because of my closet challenge. Was I crazy when I committed to this challenge? Joost a leetle beet. ;) Alls wells, it's been good for me and I'm stickin' to it. P.S. though? Floppy hats? Total Spring/Summer/Fall staple this year! And this cutout one from Chic Wish? Amazeballs! Go snap one up for yourselves before they're all gone! Or. OR. Get this camel colored one (I still need a camel colored one).

Much Love!


  1. Happy new job to you! Most DMV workers I've met have been rather intimidating and scary...it would be nice to have a few smiley ones...

  2. In love with your hat!


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