Being Human

I have to admit, this title is probably preeeetty misleading. So, to give you all full disclosure, this post has nothing to do with being a human. This post has more to do, ok, ok, is all about the TV show Being Human. Yes. I'm dedicating an entire post to a sci-fi/fantasy TV series because I'm a complete and total nerd. But you all knew that already. Before we get started, though, I have a quick side note. I'm totally Charlies Angels posing in that photo above. Forgive me for that completely unintentional cheese. Anyway, this TV show I'm talking about, Being Human? Yeah, I've pretty much been obsessing about it for the past month. So. Swasing. Good. AHH! The series finale last night did not disappoint one little bit. It wrapped every little detail up into a perfectly beautiful little bow (unlike another series finale that happened recently. Ahem, ahem, How I Met Your Mother, you know who you are). All the lovers I was just rooting and aching for in my wee lil' heart o' hearts ended up together, blissfully! I may or may not have been squealing "Sally! Aidan! Sally and Aidan!!" for a full hour, much to the constant irritation of my sleeping pup. Sigh, I just can't get over it. Also, the fact that the show continued on for FOUR seasons, despite a very limited budget, all because of the passion of nerd/obsessive fans like my sister and I is pretty ridonk. Also, I just loved that the ending was ultimately all about enjoying the small moments in life. The day to day, mundane, and gloriously average aspects of life. Cheers to picking up the table after a meal with loved ones, having tussles about which direction is the right direction to place the toilet paper (coincidentally, I apparently don't ever put it the right way), and sitting around in the same room being completely bored together! Life is beautiful. Being human is beautiful.
Top: c/o ChicWish similar
Pants: h&m 
Hat: JMR similar
Sandals: F21
Arm Cuff: c/o ChicWish

Now that I'm mostly done geeking out, let's talk outfit details. How cute is this top? I love that it's so flowy and cozy, while still looking put together. You all know how I obsessed I am with slouchy pieces and this top definitely fits the bill in a very ethereal way! I got it courtesy of Chic Wish, which if you'll all remember, is the fab online shop were I had previously bought this gorgeous full midi skirt that I've styled a BAZILLION times (here, here, and here). Also, how awesome is this feather arm cuff? I love how unique it is, and, for a person as terrified of birds as I am, I have kind of a huge thing for feathers! Lucky for you guys they're both still available, so go snap them up fer yerselves. Or, pick out something different if ya like. Whatever you please, Chic Wish's collection right now is killer! I'm personally seriously eye balling this gorgeous white midi skirt. Can you say summer staple? Now, let's talk hats. How cool is this fedora? I'm smitten by it. So perf. I snapped it up with some birthday money from the 'rents (hey, it didn't come from my paycheck so it was totally legal according to my "Closet Challenge" rules). Anyway, I snagged it for 75% off at a boutique that was sadly going out of business at the mall. I feel bad for them, but it was a MAJOR win for me. :) Now, one last complete geek out moment. Listen to this playlist. I may or may not have carefully created/curated it when I was obsessing over "Being Human" last month. It's my "If I Were an Emotionally Tortured Vampire Trying to Find Love With a Hot Man Ghostie" playlist of sorts. I figure it's what would be playing in the background of all of my tortured vampire montages. ;) Seriously, listen to it. If anything, at least listen to "We are the Wild Ones", "As Night Falls", and "Lost". Annnnd, that's everything. Nerd, out! Boom-shack-a-lacka!

Much love!


  1. Adore your hat! The color of your top is gorgeous!


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  3. Oh my god, I cried so hard during the Being Human series finale! I'm glad they wrapped it up well, but I'm so sad that it's over! I did a post about my favorite shows a few days ago, and you bet Being Human was on there!

    Smitten with Sunday

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    1. it's seriously a great show and it's on netflix if you wanna watch it

  5. I'm so glad you mentioned this show!! I absolutely loved it and I'm sad it's over! The finale was perfect and emotional and just as a show's finale should be! Anyway, love your hat and cuff!

  6. I am loving this easy and casual look!