Black Balloon

Eeet ees Monday my dears. Bleh. That is anything but a boom-shack-a-lacka. In fact, it's more of poop-munch-a-sucka. Yeah, I just made that up. And, yeah, it makes absolutely no sense. Oh wellsies. How were all of your Easter's? Mine was pretty dang lovely. I had a nice old time spending time with my fam and celebrating Chirsts birth, life, and atoning sacrifice! No bunnies or eggs por moi. :) In other news, it's interesting how the complete disarray of my backyard can actually end up looking preeetty interesting and cool for photos! The men in my fam are slacking, but when it comes to the backyard, I don't mind one bit. ;) I feel like I've been completely lacking in the entertaining writing juices lately, and it sucks. Well, for you guys, anyway. I have no problem with being boring. ;) One thing I'm certainly not lacking in is emoticon usage. I wink waaaaaay more than is strictly healthy in this here blog. ;) See? I just winked again. Mostly to convey that, yes, I know that grammar was awful and I did it intentionally to be stupidly humorous. Life without emotis just isn't worth living you guys!! ;) I'm incurable. Anyway, as the date for the Goo Goo Dolls concert draws closer and closer (debatably) I'm starting to get more and more excited! Eeep!! I've been obsessing over "Black Balloon" lately. One of my favs of theirs. Although, "Name", will always be my ABSOLUTE favorite song of theirs and one of my top three favorite songs of all time. It's just one of those songs that never gets tiring, never fails to make my heart go pitter pat, and that I've been in love with for the better part of 17 years (since I was 5). It's ma jam. Even, though, my sister claims that slow songs cannot accurately be referred to as "jams". She always reminds me of this when a slow song that I fancy comes on and I yell, "Dis ma jam!".
top: Old Navy
boyfriend shorts:  h&m similar
sandals: F21 similar
hat: JMR similar
necklace: gift from my baby seester

I know you're all probably ready to shoot this hat by now, but I just looooooove it! So...#sorrynotsorry! ;) Just kidding, I actually loath that hashtag with all the force behind my beating heart. Things just got intense in here guys, ohhhhhh! ;) Anyway, I'm just going to come out and say this. I've sucked at my shopping challenge this month. Majorly. I've shopped a TON. I feel just terrible. Terrible. Really, though, I'm getting that icky "I spend too much time caring about clothing" feeling again so I am absolutely, positutely, 100% resolved to sticking to my challenge in May. The reason I'm fessing up now is because I got this top at Old Navy a couple of days ago, and even, though, I feel bad about breaking my challenge, I'm absolutely loving the shirt. I sized WAY up when I bought it because I wanted it to have that "extra slouchy" look, and for the most part I think it was a good decision. I love the slouch. The only thing is that my torso is entirely WAY too short for it. A little tucking in action, though, and it's allll good. Anyway, that's all. BOOSH!

Much love!

Get Goo Goo over this playlist! Just a few of my favs!


  1. Love this look! Your necklace is perfect!


  2. Bahaha, I failed at my shopping challenge a few months ago too..especially with changing seasons its so hard! Love these photos!
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages