Cozy as a Posie

This weekend was marvelous, loves. And forgive me for calling you all loves but I'm currently watching Notting Hill, so, obviously I have to start pretending I'm a posh young bird who endearingly calls her readers "loves". Moving on, as I mentioned on Friday, General Conference took place over the weekend (click here for more info). It was simply marvelous. It never ceases to astound me how on par every talk is with what I need to hear. This year the fam bam and I just stayed in to watch it on TV, rather than go down to the conference center. It was really nice to be able spend two days with the sibs and 'rents. There it is. My pretend British accent is gone and my annoying (and slightly U.S.) habit of shortening words that don't really need to be shortened comes out. ;) Guess I'm not a posh bird after all.
Top: h&m
Sweats: h&m
Scarf: handmade by sister (email me if you want one made to order)
Sandals: F21 similar
Bag: Aldo's similarish
Necklace: F21 similar
Cuff: c/o ChicWish

There was a time in my life (ages 15-18) when I wouldn't have been caught dead wearing sweats. Not even to bed. I was completely nuts. Seriously. I didn't know what I was missing out on. They're like pillows for your legs! YUM! Admittedly, they're not very flattering unless you're 5'10, but whatever, I wanted to be cozy for conference weekend and so I was. ;) Also, what's more fun than sweats in a soft mint color? Close to nothing. Plus, I obsessively wear this cozy knit scarf my sister made me for Christmas. No joke, I wear it least twice a week. Tis the best. It's like wearing a blanket on my neck. Sensing a theme here? Pillows on my legs, a blanket on my neck, I basically want to be a walking bed. ;) Oh, and in case you all didn't know, it's Monday. Pooey. Monday's are so repulsive. Bleh. :/ I hope you all have a bearable Monday! :) Oh, and just to finish up with Notting Hill quote, 

Hugh Grant: "Do you actually have a stunt bottom?"
Julia Roberts: "No, but I could have a stunt bottom."

Much love!


  1. I think you do make sweats look better than most! I still don't wear them. :P

  2. I absolutely love your bag!


  3. beautiful woman and very cute outfit! :)
    xoxo from switzerland