Diva is the Female Version of a Hustla

Sigh...you guyssss...Hugh Grant in "Sense and Sensibility" just slays me. He just looks so awkward, and adorably dashing! I love it! Not to mention that "Sense and Sensibility" is basically the story of my life. Next to "Pride & Prejudice" (which I read 1,001 times a year) and "Persuasion" (which I read 1,000 times a year) it's my favorite Jane Austen novel! If ever there was a book character that was the exact image of myself, it is that of Miss Marianne Dashwood. She is rather impolite to the advances of any man whom she isn't interested in, or that is being forced upon her, considers any man above the age of 24 to be on his deathbed, swoons and is stupidly smitten by any attractive fellow, reads obsessively and dramatically, plays the piano, and is foolishly/ridiculously romantic to the core of her wee little heart. She is the perfect representation of myself. ;) Also, there is hardly any other movies that I can watch with such frequency as "Sense and Sensibility", "Pride & Prejudice", and "Emma". They never get tiring, and I adore every second of them. There never was such a literary genius like that Jane Austen. Woman after my own kind. I adore her. That is all. My weird schpeel is over. :)
sweater: h&m similar
pants: h&m
purse: h&m similar
rings: h&m similar
cuff: c/o Chic Wish 
shoes: F21 similar

I actually had planned to share a different outfit with you all today, but alas, I was experiencing some technical difficulties with it so it will have to wait for another day. Sad, Sad. I wore this particular look a couple of weeks ago when the weather was still quite on the chilly side. Anyway, when the weather isn't quite cooperating with the Season, a fun way to still Spring up an outfit is by adding pops of bright color, like with this bag! :)  Also, just as a completely unrelated side note, when my sister and I street diva/thug talk at night it's hilarious! We've got our "Diva is the female version of a Hustla" persona's down to a T. ;)

Much love!


  1. Love your bag!


  2. Lol to the title... love the pop of color with this bag

    Currently Loving Link Up

  3. love those sandals, so much! I need a cute pair of sandals in my life.

    I LOVE jane austin. Emma is probably my favorite, have you seen the BBC 4 hr version?? Best one!!

  4. I love Pride and Prejudice! I try to go to the theatre every year to watch it (someone is usually performing it). Love your bag by the way!

    Arielle from Tangled Musings