Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

These pictures are really funny to me. Mostly because I can never pull off the "serious" look without looking like a derp. Seriously. Whenever I attempt the "serious" look I mostly just end up looking like I've got a lazy eye, like I'm severely constipated, or both. That's why these pictures are funny to me, because for once I managed to pull off the "serious" look without looking like any of those things...I hope. ;) I think the trick was these sunnies. I'm sure if there was a way to show what my eyes look like behind the sunglasses in these photos you'd see what I mean about looking like a constipated derp. ;) I watched Frozen on DVD with my pops last night and it was so fun. I had already seen the movie in theaters with my sissys but there was no way I was going to pass up a chance to watch it with my dad. I know there has been some serious debate over Frozen, but honestly? I don't really currr. I liked it, and the way I see it, it's just a cute movie about the power of sisterhood. And. I. Love. Sisterhood. :) Anyway, watching it with my pops took me back to the good old days when, together with my sisters, we would watch ALL of the Disney classics for hours at a time. Twas the best. I mean, he watched hours of froo froo princess movies with his three girls and genuinely loved it. I love my dad. :)

Sweatshirt: h&m similar
Jeans: Pacsun similar
Sneakers: h&m
Sunglasses: F21 similar

The last few days here in Utah have been crazy windy and rainy. It's kinda sucked, actually. Don't get me wrong, I love to run in a good summer rain, but it isn't summer and it isn't nearly warm enough for the rain to be very enjoyable yet. Anyway, chilly Spring weather calls for cozy sweatshirts, like this star studded one, skinny jeans, and chilaxed sneakers. And yes, I just said chilaxed. I know, I know, that hasn't been a thing since like, 2002, but I think we all know I'm pretty outdated when it comes to my vernacular. ;) Also, I can't even believe it's already April! I mean, what the swa swa? Where did all the time go? I feel like it should still be December! Eek!

Much love!


  1. Oh man, it's still been cold here, too. It's actually been warmer there than here. :(

    Loving this outfit, so much. Those shades are awesome! And I totally agree about frozen- it's a cute movie about sisterhood, which is awesome!

  2. My dad would watch movies like that with us too! Now I have younger brothers and he is having to watch kid movies all over again. Normally he takes a neck pillow to the movies with them and sleeps during it, but he said for Frozen he couldn't fall asleep because it was too good! He recommended it to me and then I want to go see it - so cute!!

  3. Springs here are always very windy, too! And I can't pull off the serious look, so I just don't even try.