If Wizards Had Internet

Work has been a doozy as of late. First, that "honeymoon" stage that all new jobs have has begun to wear off, rather quickly. Which, to be honest, was to be expected. I mean, no one has ever equated "DMV" with "fun". I have now begun trying to entertain myself by attempting to spot PB's (potential babes). They are rare. Really, rare. As in, I haven't spotted one since my third day, rare. Tis a sad thing. Ya know, one would think that there would be more PB's in need of renewing their vehicle registration, but no. Tis a boring job, that of a DMV worker. Although, this morning the system crashed, and admittedly I kind of loved the chaos of it. Not only did it make it a little more entertaining but it also gave me a good couple of hours in which I got to just sit and wait for the system to come back up. In other news, did you guys know Kristen Bell sang all of her own parts in Frozen? Melt your heart, right? I mean, could she get any more loveable? First Veronica Mars, then the whole sloth thing, and now she sings all of her own parts? She's my fave. Check her out singing it live...

Top: h&m similar
Boyfriend Shorts: h&m similar
Purse: h&m similar
Sunnies: F21 similar
Sandals: F21 similar 
Hat: JMR similar
PC: ropastoriniphotography.blogspot.com

I know this look is way more Summer than it is Spring, but hey, if the weather fits, am I right? Also, I know I've worn this hat waaaay too much already, but I just can't see myself not wearing it at least once a week. It's just that cute/fun. Also, when it comes to summer, it really is all about the accessories. Bright colorful ones at that too! Well, that's all I have for you all today. I know, I'm boring. I've just been feeling blah-y lately, which if you read yesterday's post you already knew. Also, for all my fellow Harry Potter nerds out there, check it! 
Much love!

P.S. Credit to finding the Kristen Bell vid and texting me the Harry Potter comic go to my sister (hi Allison, I knew you'd get all danka schoen on me if I didn't give you your deserved street cred;)!


  1. Love this outfit! Those heart shape sunglasses are too cute on you!


  2. I'm in love with this simple look!

    Arielle from Tangled Musings