Lazy as a Daisy

denim jacket: F21 similar
skirt (worn as dress): inherited from my grandma
belt: American Eagle similar
necklace: American Eagle
sandals: F21

Sorry about the lack of photos today folks, there were some really excellent shots but they were just too grainy. I know even these are a tad on the grainy side, but focus on the coolness of the captures rather than the grainyness. :) Anyway, since we have a lack of photos I figure we can get away with a lack of text. Also, I'm just lazy...and it's Tuesday. My day off!!! Yeah, yeah! Holla! Oh, and, ya know what? This dress? It's actually a skirt. Shhh! I love the idea of reinventing pieces in my closet! Especially this year that I'm not shopping (and failing this month, but we'll do better next month). Also, peach and turquoise? Best color combo EVAH!!!!!! Also, I have some MAJ outfit posts (mostly featuring Chic Wish, eep!) coming for you in the next couple of weeks! Be excited! Or not. ;) 

Much love! 


  1. The color of your dress is gorgeous!


  2. Haha I hate it when I take pictures only to find out most of them are unuseable. I love the dress though!
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages