Mr. Mustache Taco

Sooooo...I didn't post yesterday. Why, you ask? To be frank, I just didn't really feel like it and I don't wanna taco bout it. ;) How cute is that taco, though? I love him. I honestly, wasn't really planning on posting anything today either, because I'm lazy and tired (it's been a loooooooong week). I changed my mind, though, because that taco is too cute to not share and because I DO have two things to get off my chest.

One, the How I Met Your Mother series finale sucked. It sucked. It sucked liked a teething baby vampire. I won't spoil in case any of you haven't watched it yet, but c'mon if you haven't were have you been? ;) All I'll say is Robin sucks, and she only ever realizes she's "in love" with a guy when he's finally moved on from her and in a relationship. Grrrrr. Also, she is a Me Monster with commitment issues that she never got over. Alright, rant over. The second thing I wanted to say today is this, general conference tomorrow!! Eep! I know only my fellow LDS peeps will get why that is exciting but I cannot wait!! And I'm out. Peace!

Much love! 

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