Ram a Fist Down Their Throat

It saddens me greatly to post these photos because this outfit had originally been shot by my best gal, but due to some technical difficulties the photos were lost. Pooey. ;( So, here I am posting it with photos I had to just take myself, and yeah, they a'ight, but hers were cooler. Anyway, ya know when you get into "book mode" and all you want to do is read, read, read? Yeah, I'm totally in that mode right now with The Mediator series. I pretty much want to do nothing else but snuggle with a cozy blanket and read, read, READ, whilst eating a cookie...of course. :) As you can imagine, taking even the teensiest of breaks, to write out this blog post, is hindering my read mode greatly. Not that I don't love you all or anything, but I mean, I've got a kick butt ghost busting teenager who is falling in love with a totally babelicious Spanish ghost guy to get back to! Also, ya know when you come across snippets of sheer life changing quote gold in a book? I came across one of those today while reading, "I'm just not the kind of girl guys think about asking out. Well, maybe they think about it, but they always seem to manage to talk themselves out of it. I don't know if it's because they think I might ram a fist down their throat if they try anything, or if it's just because they're intimidated by my superior intelligence and good looks (haha)." Ha! Had ya fooled, that's probably not quotable gold to anyone besides me. ;) 
chambray top: Ross similar
t-shirt: h&m
shorts: F21 similar
scarf: Handmade by my sister (email me if you'd like one)
shoes: F21 similar

Anyway, we're continuing on with our chilly Spring day outfits. I think one of the most fun ways to stay a little toasty on a rainy spring day is by wearing a knit scarf. Especially in a bright fun color, that way it doesn't feel too winter-y. Also, a good way of making a more layered outfit feel more Springy is by adding touches of things that are inherent Spring staples, like florals. And oh, baby, are these floral shorts cozy. They feel like a breeze, no joke. Anyway, I gotta get back to my book. Even, though, I've already read the series a good few times I'm still completely enthralled. Must. Keep. Reading. No. Interruptions. ;)

Much love!