I'm totally and completely having "Being Human" withdrawals. I misssssss it. Boohoohoo. I need a rebound show. Stat. In fact, I've been on the hunt for one...with little success. A TV series ending is completely and one hundred percent like going through a break up. It's all you think about, you keep replaying the ending in your head over and over again, you miss it, wish it was still on, and are constantly looking for something to replace it. Yep. I completely just compared TV to a real life relationship. "Nerd, nerd, nerd." she says as she as kind of wants to delete the last few sentences. ;) Oh well. Give me palette cleanser rebound show suggestions guys! I'm testing out Heroes, I vaguely remember it being all the rage when I was in middle school, and Scandal right now. Neither one is sticking, but hey, maybe in a few episodes. I guess there's that saying, "never judge a show by it's first episode." Well, I'm done over sharing my couch potato TV addict tendencies.
Top: h&m
Pants: h&m
Hat: JMR similar
Sandals: F21 similar
Purse: h&m similar
Sunnies: F21 similar
PhotoCredit: ropastoriniphotography

I'm so in love with this hat you guys. So in love. It's THE perfect Spring/Summer accessory. Also, remember how I mentioned that I'm mildly obsessed with dual toned looks lately? Whelp, here's further proof. ;) I mean, what's more fun than mixing neutrals? Nothin' I tell ya. Especially since there was a time when I was convinced that brown and black didn't match. A pfft. A pfft. I was cray. Way cray. Black and brown are a combo made in heaven! I've also really been drawn to the simple looks lately too. Basic pieces like tees and skinny jeans with spunkier pieces like this wide brimmed fedora and metallic sandals, which, coincidentally, I've been wearing almost everyday. Seriously, these metallic sandals where like, the best birthday present ever! I am fully appreciating this warmer weather in them! :)

Much love!  


  1. I love your hat too and that color combo is perfect!


  2. EVERYTHING about this outfit is great... but seriously... finishing a tv series or finishing a book always makes me depressed for a few hours (okay, or maybe a day or two). You'll bounce back:)

  3. I totally agree with you about finishing a show... I almost want to prolong it and not actually finish shows. I just recently started Orphan Black and I was hooked after the first episode. Love the outfit...huge fan of neutrals!


  4. WOW! perfect outfit! x