Spaceman Says Everybody Look Down

MAJOR points to anyone who can tell what band t-shirt I'm wearing and knows what lyrics the title of this post was made after!! Seriously, if you know, you are an awesome human and we need to be best friends, like, stat!! Anyway, I've been revisiting oldies but goodies this past week. Both in my choice of Netflix binges and obsessive book readings. Netflix wise, I've been turning to "The Justice League". Admittedly because I heard my sister re-watching it and so I of course had to follow suit. I'm a comic/super hero geek all the way so no judging from the peanut gallery about the fact that I'm obsessively watching cheesy cartoons night and day. ;) I'm also a die hard DC girl. Pooey on Marvel. Pooey. Although, I have to admit, I do have a major soft spot for the classic "Spidey and Friends" cartoon and "The X-Men"...but that'll be our little secret. Shhh. Tell no one. ;) Book wise, I've started re-reading "The Mediator" series by Meg Cabot. Before we continue, though, can we just get an amen hallelu for Meg, queen of all teen literature? Amen hallelu, Meg! Holla to ya sista. I mean, I honestly thought I wouldn't enjoy teen fiction as much now that I'm 22 but The Mediator is still just as good now as it was when I first read it at 13. Maybe it's because technically I'm not even an adult yet. They say that the brain and body doesn't really mature into the adult stage of life till 25, so I've still got another 3 years of being a kid! Whoop, whoop!!
t-shirt: (borrowed from my baby sissy) Killers Merch Table, available here
plaid top: F21 similar
army jacket: Old Navy similar
jeans: American Eagle similar
motorcycle boots: F21 

We've been having some pretty nutso weather here in Utah. Sunshine, rain, sleet, hail, SNOW, and back to sunshine all in one day. Nothin' new for Utah I guess. :) Anyway, even though it IS technically Spring the weather doesn't always cooperate with us, so for that reason, this week I'm bringing you all chilly weather wear! We're kickin' off the week's chilly weather outfits with these moto boots! Seriously, you guys, motorcycle boots are def a trend to try! They're comfy, edgy, and just a little bit...dare I say it...cool! Not to mention that they're SO versatile. I mean, pair 'em with jeans and you've got an edgy biker/punk look BUT, pair 'em with a lacey tunic dress and you've got yourself the ultimate cool girl juxtaposition!! Not to mention that they make my need to cuff my jeans look a LOT cooler! Basically, these boots are magical and can make even the geekiest of girls (meeeee) look cool. Not that I ever aspired to that or anything, but we're talkin' James Dean kick some hard core butt "cool", not snootty queen bee "cool". Also, band tees? How awesome are they? Want to amp up the unique factor in an outfit? Throw on a band tee! I love that my little sister has LITERALLY bought a t-shirt at EVERY SINGLE concert we've been to! It's the best, I need to start following suit! Now, just because I absolutely CANNOT resist quoting some more Killers, "Run neon tiger, there's a lot on your mind, they'll strategize and maim you, but don't let them tame you. You're far too pure and bold". Be bold my Neon Tigers!! Rawwr! Ok, that was lame. Who do I think I am, Lady Gaga? My apologies. ;)

Much love!

P.S. "Comin' out of my cage and I've been doin' just fine. Gotta, gotta be down because I want it all...Destiny is calling me, open up my eager eyes!" Sorry, had to do it. Those Killers are lyrical genius' (mostly Brandon). How they slay me. Pun intended. ;) Who am I kidding? My puns are always intended. :)

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