Boats, Boats, Boats! (If you get this reference we need to be BFF's)

Gootah mornin' loves. How were all of your weekends? Swell I hope. Mine was quite lovely. Friends, family, laughter, cake and ice cream. What more could a girl want? Nothin' I tell ya. Has anyone else noticed how warm it's been getting? We were in the 80s this weekend here in Utah! I think it's safe to say that summer is beginning! Oop, oop! Holla for sunny early mornings and warm long nights! Yum! Guys, I'm tellin' ya for the last couple of weeks all I've had to tell you all is that I'm boring, and well, that's pretty much all I have to say today too. I think my life is lacking in the adventure department. Maybe I should take up spelunking? I think that would shake things up adequately enough. I actually think I'm just craving newness. New setting, new peeps to meet, new things to do, new, new, new. Anyone feel me? Also? I need a beach. Stat. I want to feel sand beneath my bum and a tide tickling my toes. Oh, and another thing? For the first time in my life this crazy little thing people do called, boating, has peaked my interest. It just suddenly seems like the coolest summer activity in the world to me. Also, how cool would this floppy sun hat be paired with a killer bathing suit and equally killer (in the looks department, not murder department) tall blond of the male variety who could be captain to aforementioned boat be?
top: h&m similar
skirt: c/o Chic Wish
shoes: F21
hat: c/o Chic Wish similar
PC: Ro Photography

Duuuuuuuudes, this skirt is AWEsome! I'd been craving a white midi skirt like this for ages and Chic Wish certainly didn't disappoint. In fact, Chic Wish is pretty much my go to skirt shop these days. Especially for midi skirts, which, by the way, I'm super excited are so in right now because on top of being so chic they're also modest. Holla! Also, the swishiness of this skirt is like a dream, not to mention the fact that it's light weight material is PERF for the summer! I'm in love. This skirt can be my husband. ;) No joke, though, go check out Chic Wish's skirt shop. You'll want to buy it all, not even kidding. I have a couple of more sponsored posts featuring Chic Wish items coming up this week and they're going to be pee-your-pants good! Seriously, though, I shopped at Chic Wish before being sponsored by them and I can honestly guarantee you guys that they are awesome. In fact, my first ever purchase from them was this black midi skirt that I've posted about a trillion and one times. :) Nothing beats a good classic skirt, and I mean seriously, compared to most other places the prices are stellar. Plus, free standard shipping! Oop! That's one of the main things I look for in an online shop, to be honest, if a shop doesn't have free shipping I don't even bother browsing because if I'm going to pay $10+ for shipping it just isn't worth it. Well, me and my new husband, Mr. Skirt, are off to cry in a corner because it's Monday. ;) 

Much love!


  1. Love your skirt and hat!


  2. Love the skirt! i recently got into rock climbing...seriously what an adventure! You should look for a rock climbing gym nearby (or if you know friends that go outside to climb)...it's usually pretty affordable to climb + rent gear..(like maybe $20?). I LOVE IT!

  3. Loving that skirt with the striped top! And also... HIMYM! Haha I always randomly use that
    Becky line (as well as "he's not coming" haha!) great post!