Cheery as a ButterCup

I know I said I'd be sharing all the emotions I was deeply feeling yesterday, but I just can't bring myself to do it. Yesterday was deeply emotional enough already and full of special experiences that I'd just rather keep it to myself if that's cool with you guys. Anyway, before I started typing I actually had this totally genius idea for a funny post and now...it's gone. I seriously haven't the slightest clue what it might have been. My memory is pretty shotty. Anyway, last weekend I got bucket loads of nerd movie time in. I watched Godzilla and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Both were swasing stella. I've been a fan of both Godzilla and X-Men since childhood and neither disappointed. Holla! If any of you loves are comic nerds, like me, go and see them! Stat! ALSO! The Rush Hour movies are up on Xfinity OnDeman right now, and I'm like full on asthma attack freaking out about it! I LOVE those movies! Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan? Match made in heaven. Hallelu. Those two can make me laugh and feel cheerier than a buttercup better than anything! ALSO, ALSO! I've been keeping up practicing Ashtanga Yoga, and I must say, it is going marvelously. Even, though, I'm no were near as proficient as I aim to be, I can completely already feel the major changes it's making both physically and spiritually. It really is such a zen and enlightening experience to embark on the Yoga journey. I'm seeing this through you guys! After only a week I can already begin to feel how it is completely a journey of finding myself and getting to know my body on a deeper level! Not to mention that it's hard as crap.
top: Aerie
overalls: Target
sneakers: h&m
sunnies: F21

Also, I'm feeling like I need some hair change. I know I definitely want to go for the uber long bohemian look, but getting it to that length is getting a little boring. I'm thinking bangs? Maybe? I don't know, every time I think I want bangs and I go out and get bangs I regret it ten seconds later. Ce la vie, am I right? If only I had Jennifer Lawrence's hair dresser, THEN I wouldn't hesitate about getting bangs for one second. Seriously, that girl has the most perfect beyond perfect bangs that I have ever seen. The scene in the latest X-Men movie when she's got this amazing retro floppy hat on is just divine. She looks fantastic. Anyway, celeb obsessions aside, I'm seriously loving my 'ralls. I know the overalls trend isn't for everybody, but I'm seriously loving it. Mostly because, if it reminds me of being 5, then I love it. Also, I'm SOOOO glad I snapped up these mirrored sunnies back in February when they were still in stock because now I can't find a pair like them ANYWHERE! Which, is kind of saddening because I've scratched these up pretty bad and I'd love to get a replacement pair. If any of you know of a place with sunnies like these in stock please inform me! :)

Much love!

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