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Hello loves! If you all noticed, I took a day off from posting yesterday. Why, you ask? Because instead of prepping a post for you all, I spent my evening re-designing this lil' 'ol space of mine. :) What do you all think? I'm pretty in love with it! There are still a few minor details I want to iron out and add but, over all, I'd say it's 90% done! Also, give my little "about me" paragraph a read, I updated it and I gotta say, that's probably my favorite line. Ever. Anyway, I've got something deeply emotional/special weighing on my mind and heart today, but as I've got some new readers to greet, I'll save my expression of those emotions for tomorrow! Anyway, for you new friends, HI! 👋 Welcome to my little island of personal fashion and just plain old weirdness! :) Be sure to check out, my "Blog Design 101" series for complete tutorials on how to make/center a header, creating clickable social media icons, tips for better photos, and more! Also, take a peeky peek at my latest style posts with Chic Wish! OH! And absolutely be sure to check out my "isms" tab; it's like the topical guide/dictionary to my blog! If you don't give it a gander you absolutely will not understand at least half of the words I use on a regular basis. ;) Oh, and just as a quick introduction, here are 5 fun facts about me!
  1. My biggest craving in life is orange juice. It's the thing I crave most frequently and I literally feel like throwing tantrums when I don't see any in the fridge. 
  2. I hate the smell of toothpaste, I just think it's so gross. The smell of freshly brushed teeth? Puke city.
  3. Ice cream, peanut butter, and bread pudding, any or ALL of these things are my cure all for a pooey day. I'm grumpy at you? Get me some bread pudding and all will be forgiven. You could even snatch away my first baby child and I would forgive you if you gave me some bread pudding. ;)
  4. I have an obsession with blondes. I don't even care that people say that men with blond hair are what is known as a "man child". I luuuuuuuuuurve me some blondes!! I mean, running my fingers through some silky (preferably slightly curly) straw colored hair? That's the dream. Some girls like em dark haired and rugged but I like em blonde and clean shaven. I guess man child is my type.
  5. Even, though, I'm Guatemalan and dang proud, I frequently wish I was British and I alternate between speaking like a cultured Brit or a black woman street diva.

shrug: h&m  (I bought it on sale for $9 versus it's original price. I think in stores it may still be $9)
boyfriend jeans: American Eagle
t-shirt: h&m
shoes: F21
hat: h&m

Guysssssssssss. I. Love. This. Shrug. It's perfection. Literally. Well, I guess not literally, because it does have ONE minor flaw. I went with a size Small rather than an X-Small because I thought, eh, big whoop, I like bagginess, also, small was the only size they had in the gray (Holy run on sentence. My AP English teacher would be rolling in his grave. If he's dead, that is. I mean, I don't think that he is but, I guess he very well could be. He was pretty old.) Anyway, I know, I know, you're all like, "boohoo Allexis, you had to get a Small instead of an X-Small. Cry me a swasing river". I honestly wouldn't complain about it, though, if the arms weren't so big. I mean, I like the bagginess of all the rest of it, but the arms are just too loose. They refuse to stay put. Anyway, I'm done being annoying. Moving on, these jeans? They're my new favorite pair of boyfriend jeans, holla! The heavens opened up and finally provided me with a pair of boyfriend jeans that don't give me a saggy mom jeans butt and yet still are loose and cozy enough around the legs! Can I get a testify? Testify! Also, the rips! The rips! I'm in love. I will be buried in these jeans. MmmmMmmm, hallelu. American Eagle, I will never shop for jeans else wear, you have never let me down and you are sheer genius'! Anyway, the only poeey part is that I can't wear these to work. I mean, we technically get a "jeans" day every Friday, which, I'm totally fine with because I actually don't even wear jeans all that often, so once a week is plenty for me, but ripped jeans are expressly forbidden. Boo! Major boo, because these are pretty much the only jeans I EVER want to wear these days. Tear. ;( I'll get over it, though. Also, I know I've said this before, but I'm not usually a week day heels kinda gal. Heels are saved for Sundays, for practicality purposes mostly (I mean, I don wanna stand for 9 hours straight in heels), but for these jeans? I made an exception.

Much love!

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