I Wish I Had Dentures...Seriously

Guys, I'm at my wits end. Every time I try to post the gorgeous photos shot by my lovely bestie, all I get is blurriness! I don't get it, when I see them in the body of my post WHILE I'm working on it they look totally fine but the second I hit publish it's like welcome to grainy city! I don't know whats wrong, I've tried everything I know. I'm completely miffed. Suggestions welcome. Suggestions very, very, welcome! In the mean time, though, just pretend these aren't fuzzier than a puppy's belly. :) Also, I'm quite certain every single one of my teeth is suffering from a condition known as...cavities...dun, dun, dun. It's sad really. Why do I have such a big sweet tooth?! WHHHHYYYY? Honestly, sometimes I think it'd be simpler to just have a bunch of fake teeth. I know, I know, creepy. I mean, I love my teeth and all, but I just worry about them too much, and I'd rather not. In other less disgusting news, though, I had a lovely day celebrating my mama yesterday! We all had such a spiritual and deeply emotional day showing her just how much we love and appreciate her. She is truly such an inspiring and incredible woman! Ohhhhh, and as an added bonus we got to Skype with my baby sister who is currently serving her LDS mission in Canada! It was so great seeing her! She looked so radiant and happy!

bodysuit: F21
skirt: h&m
shoes: Aldo's
flower crown: F21
PC: Ro Photography

In outfit related news, what's more Springy than a flower crown and flowy pink skirt? Nothin' I tell ya. I'm so, so, in love with all of these pieces! Which, to be honest, I got during my "I'm crazy" shopping binge last month...It's May, though, and I am holding out strong! I guess it's only the twelfth, though, so it might still be a little early for celebrations. Regardless, I'm trying my best! :) Aaaaaaaand, that's pretty much all I have for you today. I know, I'm so boring. It's Monday, though, I dare you to have anything more interesting to say. ;) I promise I'll have funnier stories for you all in the coming days! 

Much love!  


  1. Adore your skirt and flower crown! Sorry to hear about your cavities! There are a lot of sugar free dessert and soda options that taste great now that you could try! I think your photos still look great!


  2. So sorry about your cavities! No fun! I love this outfit and you look so beautiful! I have definitely been on the victim end of blurry blog photos. :P BLECH! So annoying. If you don't already, try resizing them to the width of your post so that blogger doesn't have to do that for you, and try uploading them in the HTML section of your post, works much better for my photos for some reason...