It's all in the Pleats

Guesss who gots a massage yesterday? Me, me! Mmmm it was just what the doctor ordered! Lots of the icky left over tension from the car accident was worked out! Bless my soul! Also, the masseuse I went to is a complete and total genius! The dude has a gift, no joke, and he sure knows his way around a back! Does that sound weird? Maybe. Whatever, he does. Also, he could somehow tell, without even touchin' em, that my quads where the quads of a runner and a runner who doesn't stretch nearly enough...I'm lame, I know. Anyway, my prognosis is this, my lower back has a curve to it, as all athlete's backs do apparently, however, because of the accident my curve is too deep and it's causing the muscles in my upper back, shoulders, and neck to bend forward. Yick. Basically, I have to stretch, stretch, stretch and do some moves he recommended or I'll look like Quasi Motto. Also, I've decided to just plain old add in yoga to my daily workout routine/running mileage. I was never a big yoga fan before because I never thought it was fast/intense enough. I did a routine last night, though, and boy was I ever wrong. That shiz is hardcore you guys. Hard. Core. I'm dedicating myself to becoming an Ashtanga Yoga practitioner. Yipee! Also, this marks my second massage in the entirety of my life and this is what I've learned, once you get over the fact that you're not wearing a bra, and that the masseuse is seeing your back, a part of yourself that you never really look at and as far as you know could be covered in thick hair and pimples, massages really aren't that awkward and I would absolutely love to massaged at least 5 hours a day! ;)

top: abercrombie kids (a thousand years old) similar
skirt: c/o Chic Wish
gladiator sandals: GoJane
bracelet: target similar
rings: F21

MmmMmm to this skirt, you guys. It. Is. A. Dream. So much so, that it requires the use of incorrect grammar. Holla! I mean really, there isn't much in this world that tops a swishy pleated maxi. Seriously, though, guys, it's the pleats that are the secret to a super chic looking maxi that's a cut above those average jersey material cling to yo butt ones. Also? There's none of that super annoying, tiny-underlining-so-it's-sheer-from-the-mid thigh-down thing going on with this skirt! It's lining comes all the way down so everything is properly covered, I mean, the world don't want to be seeing no hooha's. Ja feel? Ja feel. ;) Also, Chic Wish's current maxi skirt line up is to die for. I've got my wee little eyes on this nude colored one, I mean, pair it with a denim top, tons of stacked jewelry, and a little black purse and you've got an effortlessly chic combo! Also? This ombre maxi is like the skirt of my dreams. I mean, it's an ombre maxi! Need I say more? Oh, and I know it's still way too early for fall (I'm always planning outfits months and months in advance;) but this maxi skirt would be PERF with my biker booties, a plain white tee, and a killer leather jacket. Hallelu, you guys, HA-LE-LU.

Much love!