May the Fourth be With You

Boy was my weekend gosh awful, what with having a rando break into my backyard and getting into a car accident all in the course of one day, you could say my weekend was anything but lovely. In terms of the car accident, the other driver ran a red light and came crashing into my car, which, by the way, is completely ruined. Thankfully, I'm all right. Well, sore muscles, completely numb left side, and pounding headache aside. I kid you not, my head feels like it is on the verge of exploding like a fire work. There were some other circumstances involved that left not only my body feeling achey but also my soul. The sheer ugliness of some people in this world will never cease to astound me, but that's a story for another day. In other news, yesterday was Star Wars day!!! AH! I wish I could say I had been able to properly celebrate by marathoning all six movies, but I wasn't able to get my hands on ANY of them! Seriously, there were about 50 holds on each of them at the library and there was no network, that I was aware of, that was airing them. How lame, right? I've come to the decision, though, that it is completely worth the $80 I will shell out to my local Target to buy them, though. To call me a nerd at this very moment would be an understatement of the grossest kind. I surpassed nerd and entered a whole other dimension geekiness years ago. ;) Sigh, not being able to celebrate Star Wars day, though, or even be able to say, "may the fourth be with you", to a single soul was the icing on top of my crap fest of a weekend. The Force was definitely not with me this weekend. Why am I not a Jedi? The Force would have definitely come in handy when that car hit me. I could've just Jedi swooshed it out of my way.
top: American Eagle similar
skirt: F21 similar
shoes: Aldo's similar
jewelry: F21

I think the only outfit related chit chat I have for you all today is that 1) these shoes rock, and they rock even more because I got them for the stellar price of $25 during an Easter clearance event when they originally cost $90. (I bought them in April when I sucked at my no shopping challenge, but I have started fresh this month and fully intend to commit) and 2) this glittered baseball tee is like the best thing ever. Seriously, this tee is so soft and the sparkled sleeves just give it an extra spunk factor, and I loves the spunk. I loves it. Well, that's pretty much it, I think. I sincerely hope your weekends were much, much, better than mine. Although, I'm happy to be relatively unscathed, because honestly, by the looks of my poor car you would think I'd look a lot worse for wear. Oh and for the enjoyment of any fellow Star Wars fans out there, check it! Twerk it, twerk it! I wish I was a storm trooper...

Much love!

P.S. There is nothing in this world like a thoughtful best friend who sends you flowers on a crummy day. Really, true and sincere friendships make life more full!

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  1. Glad to hear you're okay! Your skirt is gorgeous and I love your turquoise jewelry!