Me and My 'Ralls

Ooot, ooot! Hours of messing around on the computer and playing around with different things and my girl Ro and I have finally figured out what the deal with the photos were! It is officially fixed and now you can all truly enjoy the splendor of her photographing talent!! Yippee! In other news, though, aforementioned best friend pointed out to me the other day that I'm pretty much the only one who doesn't call her Ro and calls her by her full name. This made me realize that I am such a full name kind of gal. All my life I've always called all my friends by their full name's rather than their nickname's. In middle school, it was one of my best friends, Christian. Everyone called him Chris, but not me. Nope, I called him Christian. In high school, one my best girl friends, Melissa went more by Meli than Melissa, but did I ever call her Meli? Nope. And those are just a few of my countless victims. ;) I don't know what it is, I didn't even realize I did it until the other day when it was pointed out to me, but I just have a hard time calling people by their nicknames. It feels unnatural on my tongue for some reason. Maybe it's because I don't go by any nicknames myself, and so my brain just unconsciously refuses to call anyone else by a nickname? Who knows. Maybe I'm just a butt head. That could definitely be it too. ;) I sure do like being one of the few Allexis' who actually goes by Allexis, though. It's nice.  Sets me apart from all dem otha "Lexi's", and "Alex's". Not that I mind any of those nicknames, Lexus and Lex being my favorites, but I just like my full name better. Although, I have to admit I have a soft spot for the nickname, "Lexi Lou". An old seminary teacher used to call me that and I thought it was cute.
overalls: Target
bodysuit: F21
knit cardigan: c/o American Eagle
flower crown: F21
sandals: F21
rings: F21
PC: Ro Photography

Overalls, though, dudes. Best come back 90s trend of the year? Uh, yeah. Totally. Totes ma gotes. I flippin' love my 'ralls. They're so slouchy and cool and I don't even care that I look/feel like a 10 year old in them! You may all fully expect to see them featured a good few more times! For this look, though, I decided I wanted to style them in a more slouchy/ethereal/boho kind of way! Overalls and chunky knit cardigans are like a match made in heaven! Also, I can't get over how cool the vibe in these photos turned out. Seriously, if any of you Utah folk are in need of photos, hit up Ro Photography! She be shui (pronounced *shway*, like feng shui. Meaning cool, chill, awesome;). She be way shui. Anyway, I know that was super boring, and I promised you all it'd be a lot more entertaining/funny, but you know what? Maybe I'm just a boring person!!! ;) Just kidding, I've just been like on a weird writer's block, I-Literally-Have-Nothing-To-Say-Anymore-About-Anything-Unless-You're-Going-To-Feed-Me-Icecream, kick. I don't know what it is. I've lost my spunk you guys. I've just lost it. Poof. There it goes. It's gone. I'm not spunky anymore. ;) Anyway, I'm done. I'll leave you all to your days.

Much love!


  1. I love all of the 90's trends that are recirculating this year! Your overalls are perfect, I definitely need a pair!


  2. Gorgeous flower crown! I love seeing old trends come back

    Happy Medley