My Fair Lady

You guys, eees hot. It's O-fficially hot. I'm talkin' 80+ hot. Yeeeouch. Summer is here. I'm pretty excited. Grillin' in the backyard with the fam bam, ice cold lemonade, sugar frosted glasses, long nights giggling with friends, and best of all, S'MORES!!!! Mmmmm. This summer will be good to me. I just know it. I know it. Also, I know I didn't post yesterday, like I promised I would, but it was my day off from work...so, yeah, I forgive myself. ;) Also, aren't days off just the most glorious thing in the world?! I mean really, nothing feels better than having absolutely NOTHING to do. Seriously, it's the best feeling in the world! Not to mention that hanging around at home with me mum is pretty much one of my favorite ways to spend a day. Mums are the best, aren't they? Jolly little creatures, aren't they? ;) I think the reason I'm so high on day's off is because I worked a six day work week last week and it was pretty exhausting. Although, I've never been more tired than the times when I've had to go to work AND school. That's a little torture zone all of it's own, and yet, I'm super looking forward to winter semester this year!!
Oop, oop!
top: h&m similar
skirt: c/o Chic Wish
shoes: F21 
purse: F21 similar
hat: h&m
PC: RoPhotography

This skirt is my new fav, guys. The number of compliments I got on it when I wore it on Sunday was astounding. The colors are fabulous and that delicate butterfly pattern slays me. Ughhhh, and the material? Soft perfection! Chic Wish does it again. Seriously, their midi skirt line is SO on point this season. This rose print one is perfection in a floral print, oh and this lime green cinched waist one would look like a dream with a white graphic tee and a pair of Keds a la hipster Taylor Swift. Yeah, I'm obsessed! Oh, and don't forget that you all get 30% off of your first purchase, so clicky click on their ad to the right of my page and snap up some of these fab, fab, skirts! I mean, $36 for a fantabulous midi skirt, plus 30% off, PLUS free shipping? Y'all be straight up foo's if ya don't get one. ;) See what fabulous skirts do to me?? They bring out my thug talk! Anyway, I couldn't possibly feel anymore lady like in this baby, I love it! What with my thug talk and my fancy get up you could say I'm like a modern day "My Fair Lady". ;)

Much love!


  1. It's so hot!! Utah springs are hardly springs ;) it's gonna be a long hot summer ;) you look gorgeous love the mix of prints