Rainy day Blues...

Posting in the middle of day? Yeah. I'm an awesome blogger. Awesome. The best. A'ight, enough of my self deprecating attitude. My blogging has just kind of fallen to the back burner this week, mostly because of the car accident. My back has been feeling like it's on the verge of snapping in two. No joke. That, and I keep getting infuriated by the whole situation and the injustice of the circumstances surrounding the whole stupid thing. It's enough to get me all huffy, puffy, moody, and not wanting to do much of anything but sit in bed, eat vanilla ice cream with fresh mangoes, watch The Mindy Project (which, last episode was AMAZINGGGGG!), and seethe. RRRRRRRRRRRRR.
trench coat: h&m similar
top: F21 similar
skirt: Ross similar
heels: F21 
umbrella: h&m

Let's not talk about the fact that I'm seething, though. Let's move on to better subjects. :) First, I'm not usually one to wear heels on a day other than Sunday. Not because I'm not a heels wearing kinda gal but because I just don't think they're very practical for my day to day. That, and I have the feet of a pregnant woman. Seriously, they swell up to triple their size in about one hour of standing. And that's in flat shoes. I shudder to think how swollen they'd get wearing heels. Shiver. Anyway, I made an exception for these babies because they're just so darn cute. I kind of despised the whole thin strappy heel trend all of last year but this year I warmed up to them. They kind of remind me of the little high heels my Barbies would wear. :) Also, this whole week has been wetter than a Snowman on a hot July day. Seriously, yesterday's storms were ridic. I could barely see the ground in front of me from how hard it was coming down! I don't mind a whole lot, though, because it gives me an opportunity to use my lil' ol' trench. :) Anyway, you all know I'm a big playlist sharer, so I've got another one for you all! It's my rainy day, need to calm down from seething about injustice, swoon and wish I knew a hot musician playlist. Seriously, I love every single song on this playlist. Every single one. Happy listening!

Much love!

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  1. Love your raincoat! Hope you're feeling better from your accident!