Who Puts the Glad in Gladiator?

"Hercules!...Is he bold? No one braver! Is he sweet? Our favorite flavor! Hercules, HERCULES!" Anyone remember that little tune? Ya know, the theme song to the cartoon version of the Disney movie, Hercules? I was a pretty big Herc fan as a kid. Both of the cartoon AND the movie and these sandals definitely remind me of them! Anyway, I didn't post yesterday...I know, I'm awful. Oh well. It was just my day off and I had a bunch of stuff to take care of. Being a grown up sucks. And I don't even technically qualify as one. ;) I'm watching Mona Lisa Smile, as I type, because, well, watching movies on Netflix has just sort of become my pre bed time ritual. I know, bad ritual to have, but well, I like movies. A little too much. Anyway, that's not the point, the point is, that movie? Yeah, it's awesome! One of my faves of Julia Robert's. The intensity of the story, the music, fashion, everything. It's all amazing. I wish I knew how to dance like they did back in the 50s!
blazer: h&m
top: h&m
shorts: h&m similar
sandals: GoJane similar
bracelet: target similar
rings: F21

Waaaaaaaaaanna know another trend to try? Gladiator sandals. Yep, they're in again. I kind of love how gladiator sandals have been coming in and out of style for the past few years, they're sort of like the trend that won't quit. I love it! At first I thought I was too short to pull them off, put I'm diggin 'em. I'm diggin 'em a lot! In fact, I can't wait to pair these babies with a dress or a skirt! Also, this Target bracelet? I'm in love! I love that it's like a bunch of random little bangles all wrapped up into one. My sissy and I went halfsies on it! We both spotted it, loved it, thought $10 was too much to pay for it, and then almost at the same time suggested splitting the cost of it and sharing it, because for $5 we would totally get it! Oh the beauty of having sisters! :)

Much love!


  1. I love those sandals on you! I think with those you just have to go with shorter lengths of skirts and shorts

    Happy Medley

  2. Love these gold ones! I just ordered some black ones and can't wait to wear them. Love this whole look!


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