Marky Mark

Sooooo....I finished reading Pride & Prejudice...for the umpteenth time. I must say, it was just as captivating as the first, second, third...and hundredth time I read it. ;) Every reading of Pride & Prejudice must of course be followed by an immediate watching of the 2005 film version of the book. Yes, I realize what an immense nerd I am. Even amongst nerds I am considered an even odder sort of nerd. Anyway, I'm usually a huge fan of the 2005 film adaptation of the book, the actors, their portrayals of the roles, the MUSIC, my gosh, the music is DIVINE. Dario Marianelli is a musical genius. Anyway, this time around, I wasn't quite as captivated by the movie. The teeny little differences from the book and the fact that it moves so quickly kind of got on my nerves a smidge. The whole beauty of Pride & Prejudice is how long it takes for Lizzy and Darcy to come to terms with their love for each other. Aaaaand now I'm just straight up writing you guys an essay about Pride & Prejudice, which, actually, I was thinking this as I read it, "Man, I'd LOVE to write an essay about P&P. I know exactly what I would discuss, the points in the story I would dissect, the characters and symbols I would go over, etc. I'd love to have another go at an AP English Lit exam just for the joy of writing the essays." This is seriously a thought that I had. If that isn't enough confirmation for you all of how much of a nerd I am, more specifically an English Literature nerd, than I'm sure nothing else I can say will convince you all of it. ;) Also, I am currently hording "The Italian Job", "Flipped", and the complete Batman trilogy in my bedroom right now. I've already watched "The Italian Job", which, honestly, was only included in my DVD hording because I watched "Transformers" over the weekend (it was awesome and hilarious, albeit loooooong) and it got me hankering to see Mark Walberg, aka "Marky Mark", as a youngin'!

dress: c/o Chic Wish
shoes: Aldo's similar
hat: h&m

Now that I've probably bored you all silly with my raptures on a book that no one but myself cares a dime about, let's get onto the outfit! This dress is my "it" dress, you guys! Ya know, the kind of dress that the moment you put it on you feel instantly awesome? I've already worn it a good few times since I got it, and I will be posting two other ways to wear it in the coming weeks! When I saw it on Chic Wish's site I knew I had to have it! Not only did I fall in love with that stunning floral print, but I loved that it was purple, which, I'm very much sweet on this season! I know it's not quite "radiant orchid" but I'm crushing on any form of purple right now! Anyway, it is my belief that every girl needs, nay, deserves, an "it" dress so go check out Chic Wish's collection of dresses to get yoself one! I ordered mine in a size small and it was a touch too big 'round the waist, which consequently caused me to have to belt it which then caused it to be a tad shorter than I would've liked, as belting always does, so I'd order half a size smaller for this particular dress if I were you! Otherwise, though, Chic Wish's sizing is usually pretty accurate! Next, these shoes are SPECtacular, you guys! They're the ONE pair of shoes I managed to snag while I was in Vegas, and for a song too! I'm flippin' in love with them! They always make me feel like a dainty little ballerina when I put them on and they're so chic! Anyway, I've got my perfect "summer dress" look down pat now, thanks to these cute little items!

Much love!


Hello My Name is Carl

Reason #108 why I don't like summer: The Butt Burn. You all know what I'm talking about. When you get into your vehicle after it's been sitting in the sun all day, and not only does it feel like a suffocatingly hot sauna, but the seats have gotten so hot they could serve as a stove top on which you could fry yourself up some eggs, hash browns, and bacon. Which, honestly, once yo buns hit that seat they in fact turn into the sizzling aforementioned bacon! Yee. Ouch. Don't even get me started on the pain of bare leg skin on hot LEATHER seats. Kind of makes you want to sing/yell, "My, butt is on fiyahhhhhhh!" to the tune of Alicia Key's "This girl is on Fire". Reason #109? I get tired ten times faster on my runs if I run anytime after 8am due to the extreme heat. That, and ninety percent of the time I forget water, so I have to quit after only a few miles because I don't want to die of dehydration. Anyway, that's my little shpeel on Summer for the day. Also, life is good you guys. Just when I think I've reached the point of giving myself an ulcer from stressin', the Lord pulls through for me (like always, I don't know why I stress at all, if I know God is on my side. I am lame.) I am a blessed human. I'm thankful for that. Oh, and as a completely unrelated side note, the stickers for the special license plates at work smelled like baby poop yesterday. The warm liquidy green kind, too. Yick. Also, why is awesomeness a word but liquidy isn't? That don't make no sense. FYI, "that don't make no sense" is a direct quote from "Baby Mama". Yes, I have 90% of the lines in that movie memorized. I'm pretty sure I could take over Dax Shepard's role and play Carl. I would be an AWEsome Carl.

top: Old Navy 
skirt: c/o Agnes & Dora similar
sandals: ZooShoo sold out, here is the Steve Madden version
hat: h&m
purse: F21 similar
small necklace: F21
large necklace: American Eagle

I have a lot of outfit chitchat for you all today so let's just jump right into it. First, red and turquoise? My FAVORITE summer color combo! I love how they look together! Next, I bought this shirt 4 sizes too big. Yeah, I know, that sounds crazy. But I wanted a really relaxed loose fit that would look fun and slouchy and also be long enough to wear tied, like I did today. Also, two words: layered necklaces. I'm obsessed. I love layering different necklaces together, It just adds an effortless touch of chic to an outfit. Next, these sandals? I love 'em. I got them at an online shoe shop I found recently, ZooShoo. I may or may not have gone a little crazy and bought three, yes THREE, pairs of boots, and a pair of heels. I couldn't help myself, though, their shoes are CARAZY adorable and CARAZY affordable. I got, 40% off my purchase! They also carry brands like Steve Madden, Sam Edelman, Chinese Laundry, etc. Which, of course, are a little pricier, but still, they gots it all. Also, I'm currently really feelin' my soft indie music playlist. I've been jammin' out to it as I type. Every time an extra good song comes on, which is pretty much EVERY single one of them, I turn it up and think, "dis ma jam!" Which then causes me to giggle because who else in the world cranks up soft INDIE music and thinks, "dis ma jam", much less JAMS out to it? Only me...probably. Anyway, you all know how I love to share my music, so here is my playlist. Listen to it, love it, jam out to it. It has been the careful work and cultivation of years of music listening so it is dang well near perfect, in my opinion. ;) 

Much love!




I think it's time for a little currently list.

Currently Doing: Why, typing up this post, of course. Aaaand sort of wishing I was sleeping instead. Sorry.
Currently Craving: A bone crushing hug from my little sister. Those were the best. Why can't she be back from her mission already, gosh dang it! ;)
Currently Feeling: Stressed. (When am I not, though? I'm going to give myself an ulcer.)
Currently Dreaming About: Being a gazillionaire. Seriously, there never seems to be enough dough under the morning sun to cover all the bills in life. I need me a soldier such as the ones Destiny's Child used to describe, "Can you pay my bills? Can you pay my automobile bills? Can you pay my telephone bills." ... "I need a soldier that ain't scared to stand up for me, gotta know to get dough and he better be street." Whatever that means. And I ain't no gold digger, by the way, nor do I want a shuga daddy but bills, bills, bills man. Can I just be graduated already and working on my career? That would be tres cool! (Tithing will be paid this weekend, though, and that's like my everything-will-be-ok insurance.)
Currently Reading: Pride & Prejudice (always)
Currently Watching: Nothing. All my TV series have gone on hiatus. Drat. Summer is the one time in the year when I actually have like an extra five minutes to spare for the boob tube and it's the time when nothing is on. Ah well, at least there's the World Cup.
Currently Wishing: I was progressing faster with my Yoga, but it's a slow going, patience teaching, journey.
Currently Thinking About: The fact that I'm a major Gassy Cassie right now. Did you all need to know that? Eh, no, but now you do. You're welcome. ;) This just in, I get gassy, therefore I AAAAM a human. ;)

skirt: c/o Chic Wish
top: h&m similar
sunnies: Aldo's

Seriously, you guys, this skirt. This. Skirt. It's so divine that does it even need describing? Probably. But I'm too lazy/tired to do it. ;) No, really, though, it is possibly the most perfect maxi skirt my body has EVER worn. Not even kidding. So light weight, SO swishy, so figure flattering. Not to mention, it's RED. Hallelu. It is perfect. I'd been looking for an airy, dreamy, long maxi in a fun color for the summer for the past couple of weeks and this Chic Wish one fulfilled all my requirements! Holla! I decided to keep the look simple, since I didn't want to detract from the awesomeness (That is actually a word, apparently. I am surprised.) of it. To top it off I thought my mirrored John Lennon glasses would give a nice contrast to the skirt so I whipped those babies out. Which, by the way, they're one of the pairs I picked up in Vegas, and I'm OBsessed. Anyway, that's it for today, folks. Stop by Chic Wish and stock up on maxi's fer yerselves because their maxi's are swasing divine! :)

Much love!



Tis Monday...again...The weeks move by way too quickly and yet all too slowly all at once. It's crazy. I'm definitely feeling the time crunch on a few things I've got going on right now. I'm trying my hardest to stay faithfully peaceful and hopeful that all will work out but sometimes I still get a little stressed. I was definitely feeling that this weekend. If I'm a little boring and/or absent in the weeks to come it'll be just because of the amount of stuff I have on my plate so my apologies. Anyway, on to cheerier subjects! I saw Maleficent over the weekend with the sibs an the verdict is...it sucked. It was a far cry from the awesome version I grew up with as a kid. I won't go into details, as I don't want to spoil it for you all, but I wasn't happy with what they did with the story. I will definitely be sticking to my VHS version of "Sleeping Beauty". Also, guys, my mouth tasted heaven yesterday. No joke. My Sunday School teacher made us some Cookies & Cream Truffles and, guys, they were the most delicious thing my mouth has ever tasted. I seriously have not stopped thinking about them since I ate one. I have issues. All the same, I'm planning on kidnapping my Sunday School teacher and holding her hostage until she's made me enough truffles to last a lifetime. My sister found the recipe on Pinterest here, so we could technically just make our own, but really, why go through all that effort when we can just stick with my plan A and keep my Sunday School teacher as our dessert slave? ;) Anyway, since you guys don't have any dessert slaves to kidnap you should all check out the recipe and try it out. Let me know if it was easy. ;) Yep, I'm soooooooo lazy. It's cool.
top: c/o Chic Wish
jeans: American Eagle
shoes: Aldos
purse: F21 similar

Guys, I think this is the most fabulous top I have ever worn. Seriously, it is sooooo cozy and soft, not to mention that the billowy boho-ness of it is spectacular!! Perfect summer piece! Seriously, guys, Chic Wish is killing it. Which, P.S. they just stalked up their shoe collection and all I can say is, insert googoo eyes emoticon! I mean, these  booties? Must. Enter. My. Closet. Oh, and these strappy leather heels? To. Die. For. They would go perf with a white midi skirt and simple tee! Also, don't forget, there's 30% off your purchase of $50 with code HOLIDAY30 till the 30th! You could get $50 worth of merch for $35! Plussss, free shipping as always! Pretty big win if you ask me! Also, the world cup you guys! Last night's, U.S. vs Portugal, game was INtense!!! 

Much love!


Summer Mints

Soooo, I've been a pretty crummy blogger this week. Sorry guys. I just honestly hadn't shot anything in a couple of days so I really just didn't have anything on hand to post. I'm back now, though! Oh, and eeets that time of year againnnnnn! That time of year when my brain tells me it's time for me to reread the complete Jane Austen collection, starting with my absolute fav, Pride & Prejudice! I've already started of course, and I'm completely enthralled. I swear, that book is like my third sister. I love it that much. Should I read the other books on my reading list instead of rereading Ms. Austen's stupendous novels for the umpteenth time? Probably. Maybe. Ok, yes. But guys, my soul craves, nay, neeeeds a good dose of some Pride & Prejudice romancin' at least twice a year. At least. My sister is probably rolling her eyes as she reads this. She hates that I read Pride & Prejudice so much. She'll be happy to hear, though, that I'll be moving onto my other summer favorite, The Count of Monte Cristo, as soon as I'm done with Ms. Austen's works. It's been a while since I read that baby, and I think it's time I revisit it. I'm such a grandmother. Seriously, there's no way I'm actually 22. That's probably why I fit in as a DMV employee so well. I'm actually 82. And, actually, I was thinking this the other day, I can't wait till I'm an old lady. I know that sounds as stupid as piz, but seriously, I just think it seems so grand to reach the curtain call of your life (with a spouse of course) and look back at everything you accomplished, the kids you raised, service you gave, laughter had, lessons learned and realize that you did good with the time you were given. I don't know, I can just completely picture holding the softly wrinkled hand of whoever I end up marrying and letting out a happy sigh that we made it to a nice ripe old age. I shared these thoughts with my sister and she told me I romanticize the weirdest things. She's right. I mean, who daydreams about being an old lady for crying out loud?

sweater: F21 similar
dress: h&m similar
sneakers: h&m
purse: F21 similar
sunnies: Hot Topic

I've had this cute mint sweater for a bit now and I don't wear it nearly enough so I decided to pull it out again and give it another whirl. I forgot how much I actually looooove it! It's so soft and the mint color is perf! I love a good mint in the summer! I knew I wanted to wear it in a more fun way so I threw it over this playful periwinkle blue heart print dress that I've also had for agesssss. I love how playful and casual it ended up looking! Also, also, also....I can't remember. I was going to say something funny but now I can't think of what it might have been. Oh well. Happy weekend!

Much love!


Sleepless in Salt Lake

Guys, I'm like the sleepy blogger. I always end up writing up my posts late at night when I'm struggling just to keep my lids up. It's bad. Seriously, I'm like, nodding off as I type. I'm sure I won't remember having written any of this come morning, and I'm going to be exhausted. I need to prioritize my time. Seriously. I need to make more time for sleep and other more important activities, but when I get home from work all it seems I ever want to do is waste time. Story of my life. Oh well. One of these days I'll get a full 8 hours of sleep and I'm sure it will feel heavenly. :) Tell me, what is a world with 8 hours of sleep like? Does anyone even know?

top: aerie
shorts: F21
jacket: F21 similar
booties: F21 
sunnies: F21 similar
backpack: handmade in Guatemala

Clearly, I have obsessive issues with F21. But I mean, the stuff is rull cute. That was my sad attempt at typing out "real" how I imagine a thug would pronounce it. ;) Anyway, these photos were snapped in St. George Utah when my sissy and I were on our way to Vegas. I thought the red background of the St. George are would go perfectly with my desert-y cowboyish look. :) Also? How cool is this backpack from Guatemala? Pretty dang cool, I think. Anyway, I'm like full on asleep now, so I'm signing out. 

Much love!