50 Shades of Blue

Wanna know a book I never read? 50 Shades of Gray. I just never got pulled into the hype, and to be quite honest, and feel free to call me a prude for saying this, but I just thought it seemed kind of, well, filthy, for lack of a better word. It just wasn't me cup o' tee. Well, that, and I'm just a total snob and I tend to steer away from things that get way hyped up and popular. I know, I know, what a snob I am. I know what you're all thinking, "well, what about The Fault in Our Stars, then Allexis? Huh? Huh? You loved that!" Here is my reasoning, I've liked it since it first came out two years ago, i.e. before it was cool. Wow. Did that just come out as lame and pretentious as I think it did? Yep. I sound like a total butt head. I'm a butt head. Anyway, aside from the fact that I'm a butt head, remember how I mentioned last post that I'm not a huge fan of the summer time? Well, I just remembered another reason it's not my favoritest (yes, I just used a non-existent word. Apparently I'm also a butt head with improper grammar;) of seasons is sandals. Although, I think sandals are crazy adorable, I just can't get over the fact that it's impossible to go a day wearing sandals without coming home to find that the soles of my feet are blacker than nose hairs. I might as well be walking around barefoot. Which, actually, I'd strangely kind of prefer. :)
top: aerie
skirt: c/o Chic Wish
sandals: F21
sunnies: F21 similar
necklace: F21 (sold out in dark blue but it's just as cute in the light blue)

Now that we've established that I'm a summer hating, stuck up, butt head, let's get onto some outfit chit chat. ;) My awesome pawsome sissy snapped these photos for me while we were in Vegas. She da best! Anyway, I wore this look when we went out shopping and I loved it! I thought layering my blue mirrored aviators with my blue stone necklace and blue maxi skirt would be a super fun/simple look! Not to mention that wearing a breezy maxi was a beyond genius idea because it kept me nice and cool in the 100+ degree Vegas weather! :) Also, messy fish tail braids, my dudes! Dey da best! My only regret is that my hair is so dark you can hardly even see the braid, alls wells. Ce la vie! :)

Much love!


  1. It is a strange thing about sandals. Like how they also sometimes make your feet smell even though they are ninety percent nothing. Doesn't make sense. I hear you! They do look nice though. And summer - erg! You've got my vote there too.

  2. I love these sunglasses and that skirt!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes